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    PA Glades not mentioned yet Some gladed areas at Montage Teeny gladed area at Roundtop
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    Loss of phone service while on Mountain or Road trip personally or carrier wide

    Let's meet outside Foxboro stadium at the closest you can get to the stadium in the lot in the direction of the sun (Worked in summer 89 - fortunately it wasn't cloudy for the GD show)
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    Cheapskates 2023-24 thread

    Epic Local pass is a nice deal (ducking). Got 1 adult pass and 2 teen passes. Lines arent so bad if you stay away from the base of any area most of the day. We've booked Beaver Creek for Xmas weekend using Frontier miles for transport. Lodging not so cheap.
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    EVs - New Hampshire gets it right

    Maybe folks could consider each deciding what kind of car works for them instead of preaching at each other. As someone who likes to regularly drive between NJ and New England in cold weather on a tight schedule, I can't see an EV being practical for that at present.
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    Ideal ski towns for the future factoring in all issues?

    Feeling pretty good about my decision to buy in Central NJ 7.5 years ago. 2400sqft for $2k/month including taxes and insurance and its value has appreciated over that period by about the amount I have paid in those expenses. Folks pay that much to rent half as much space around here. Sure I...
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    Skiology Matt in Litigation

    Has this thread now become a secondary distribution channel for his random semi-amusing posts?
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    2023/2024 Season Passes

    Nice to see that Shawnee just added to their pass 3 free days at Plattekill. Makes their pass a considerably better deal IMO - particularly if using them as a core area and getting the Indy add on - as Indy does not include any Catskills skiing.
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    Skiology Matt in Litigation

    I find he is pretty on point for mountain specific precipitation, accumulation, and ice and wind holds - and presents it in a timely fashion in a format that is easy to digest for me as someone not expert enough to get much out of NWS charts and who finds that free apps either speak to towns...
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    Skiology Matt in Litigation

    Did a free subscription and expect I will pay $24 for the premium one. He presents ski condition and weather info in a digestible manner for me that has improved my ski experiences and if he makes a material improvement to one ski day a year for me it is worth that.
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    Skiology Matt in Litigation

    Matt's doing what he calls a final fundraising appeal and states he is not returning via FB next year and will only return if it is via a pay walled site or app. We shall see. Personally hope he returns. But can't see donating $ to something that is shutting down.
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    Killllington 🎿🏂🏂🎿🎿🏂🏂🎿😀

    What do folks think will be open and conditions like on Sat? Considering 1 bonus ski day.
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    What is left to ski in NE US this Spring?

    Probably just ended my season at Breck today. Next day I will be free to ski is May 13 and not optimistic I will deem anything worth the trip then. 35 days on skis not too shabby for a guy who works 9-5 in NJ with the conditions we have had near me.
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    What is left to ski in NE US this Spring?

    I believe we are down to the following 6 Sunday River (only 4/17, 22, 23) Snow (Carinthia only, closing 4/23) Sugarbush (Fri-Sun after 4/23) Jay (Fri-Sun after 4/30) Killington (Fri-Sun after 4/30) Sugarloaf Am I missing any? Reports on how conditions are holding up at each would be welcome.
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    Tell me about Windham

    Before passes guided my skiing I would usually take a day at Windham over one at Hunter with all factors considered - not just terrain. If Ikon also had a PA option, having Windham instead of Hunter would be a factor making Ikon more appealing. The problem for me is Ikon lacks anything closer...
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    Stowe Thread

    5 hrs RT is minimum I drive to ski anywhere better than PA (3-4 hr RT to places I ski there). When kids are off to college in a couple years I may move to somewhere near where 287/87 meet by the NY/NJ border but still being commutable by local train to Hoboken, cutting at least Catskills RT to...
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    Stowe Thread

    I was on the beach at Isle of Palms SC for the last one (first place visible in US). It was cloudy all day and then a gap in clouds appeared in just the right spot in the sky about 30 min before totality. Felt miraculous.
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    Stowe Thread

    Hoping to see a Bluebird day turn into a Blackbird day for a few minutes of totality on the slopes of Stowe shortly before lifts shut down on 4/8/24. Other than Whiteface this will be about the closest one can get (highest elevation) to the total eclipse.
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    Tell me about Windham

    It's 11% higher - yes not that signif - just differentiating from Belleayre which is only a few feet higher
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    Tell me about Windham

    Ghetto crowd at Hunter? You mean folks whose ancestors were confined to Polish ghettos almost a century ago?
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    Tell me about Windham

    They have always targeted a wealthier clientele than Hunter. They were the first in the Catskills to have a business center skiers could use to attend to office tasks in the middle of the ski day.