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  1. Nick

    Site down

    Hey guys.. sorry on the issues recently. Last few months had some issues , my credit card expired and every time I tried to update it on the host website it wouldn't accept it, so I paid for the month and the following month it lapsed again etc. finally have it setup now on autopay for a new...
  2. Nick

    Dec 26th / Cranmore

    i dropped the ball on posting ! conditions were fine, normal groomers, minimal ice. got to see my kids do their 1st lift rides !! some pics:
  3. 20211226_105007.jpg


  4. 20211226_152904.jpg


  5. 20211226_144759.jpg


  6. 20211226_143254.jpg


  7. 20211226_140001.jpg


  8. Nick

    Dec 26th / Cranmore

    ended up in North Conway for Christmas. My kids are taking private lessons for 2 hours later this morning so I'm getting in a couple runs early. will post some more later along with pictures.
  9. Nick

    Zermatt trip 2022

    I want to see pics after. Sounds like an epic trip
  10. Nick

    Powdr is going FastPass at Copper, K, Snowbird and Bachelor

    If you have plenty of disposable income I guess this is great but I really despise the pay to play thing going on guised as a consumer benefit which is rest just another profit center. same thing with airlines charging to check a bag or pay to win in video games. where is the Southwest Airlines...
  11. Nick

    Your 2021 / 2022 Ski Season Thread

    Lol thanks. I fixed it 🧠💨
  12. Nick

    Your 2021 / 2022 Ski Season Thread

    I stickied this thread and retitled it! Thanks for getting it started @urungus
  13. Nick

    NY/FL Woman Missing On Crosscountry Roadtrip

    I literally never watch the news, except to keep an eye on any hurricanes I may need to run from. I did catch the news of this briefly late last week but I haven't been following it. hahah.
  14. Nick

    NY/FL Woman Missing On Crosscountry Roadtrip

    I'm bad at watching the news but north port is like 2 towns over from me here.
  15. Nick

    Request for a search bar

    Hello & welcome! did you find what you were looking for, @MattJensen ?
  16. Nick

    New Member Introductions Thread

    welcome welcome! where will you be skiing? lots of great advice here. make sure to check out the Skiing forum!
  17. Nick

    Boating 2021

    I drove into some sand here in florida by accident with our pontoon rental 😁
  18. Nick

    Fishing 2021

    Father's day! Again, no clue what I am catching haha.
  19. Nick


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