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    Mount Snow: Inside Track

    Are you sure there won't be a superpipe this year? Mount Snow has USASA Pipe Competition scheduled for 2/8 -2/9. I guess they could move them to Okemo if that's the decision, to not build one at Carinthia. Neither have a true Superpipe, which have 22ft walls...both Okemo and Mount Snow build...
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    Mount Snow: Inside Track

    Okemo is making snow at Jackson Gore on the upper trails.
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    2017-2018 Season Passes

    Ah you beat me cdskier! LOL
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    2017-2018 Season Passes

    Classic is NOT blacked out on Holidays 2017/18 Classic Season PassBenefits and Prices: Ski and ride every day at Okemo and Mount Sunapee. No blackout days. Our NEW Pass Protection Program (PPP) is available for this product. Protect your investment against the unforeseen. Qualifies for the...
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    Okemo Trees

    There are a ton of "not on the map" glades at Okemo...look into the woods between trails and you'll see tracks every where. Lots of low angle kid/family friendly glades just need to keep an eye out. The last 4 weeks have be amazing for skiing the woods at Okemo. I'm glad they haven't put every...
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    Okemo Tops The List

    You are correct xl8r...looked quick and thought that wax the okemo golf course in the background. My bad
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    Okemo Tops The List

    That's Okemo and the old Northstar lift..the one the new bubble is replacing.
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    Tune Recomendation - Okemo/Ludlow

    The Boot Pro at bottom of the access road and next to Kilarney's. Shon, Matt, Geake and all the guys are awesome. They offer season tunes, 10 packs etc. Best boot fitters in town too.
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    Plan of attack for Okemo?

    Also there are some decent glades shot some on the trail map and some that are not...which are fun and you'll be able to start on the crusier with your wife and meet up with her at the bottom...so you can get the best of both world. I'd also suggest using the Green Ridge Triple to the...
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    Your top 3 on mountain bars in the East

    Sitting Bull and The Loft both at Okemo
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    AZ Challenge 2011: Bruce Schmidt of Okemo

    Have you considered moving the annual slush cup back to the main base area? It seems to be a better vibe with the Sitting Bull and The Loft right there? Also, any plans to continue updating the main base area?
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    Mount Snow Bootworks

    Must agree The Boot Pro in Ludlow is amazing. Only one's I let work on my mangled feet. I was up 3 weeks ago and they were open and the porch was full of 2011 boots waiting to be put into inventory...so I'd imagine he's up and running.
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    Any Okemo (VT) Condo owners out there? If so, I'm looking for your opinion.

    Hi Ray, I own at Trailside at Okemo and can say that my rental income is robust. That being said, my unit is direct access to the Sachem trail...I literally open my door click into my skis and I'm on the slope...or I can hike 25 yards and be on the glades peak quad...rental income is all about...
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    FS: Dalbello Krypton Pro 28.0 07-08

    For sale Dalbello Krypton Pro 28.0 07-08 Used 25-30 days. Excellent Condition Stiff footboard and tongues installed No griding or shaving performed on boots. Stock footbeds never worn. all extra footboards, tongues and shim included for the ultimate in custom fitting. $100.00 email...
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    TGiving Weekend

    Mohawk is saying the 28th....weather permitting.
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    Working Advantage lift tickets

    Generally around November 1st
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    Moose on trail with pics

    I've seen a llama and goats wondering the trails at the top of Thunder Ridge, NY this year...on several occassions.
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    1 Okemo voucher to give away

    I'd gladly take as I will be up at Okemo the 29th and 30th....if it's still available.
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    Woods at Okemo?

    Totally agree with ya! I just like busting on wife...hope to see at OK...EMO sometime
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    Woods at Okemo?

    Cool...let me know...like I said nothing like Stowe but still fun for a day or so...plus it's a great family mountain...dad get some tree's and bumps and the fam' gets the groomers...it's tough convincing my wife to let me bring our 3yr old into the woods with me :roll: I keep telling her that...