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    You folks should like this video too.

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    Wildcat & Shawnee Peak

    Crowds are usually directly related to distance from population centers, so the Cat will be less crowded on Sunday. The only caveat is that it's supposed to be windy and cold Sunday and Shawnee will be warmer/less windy. Take a face mask or neck-up that covers your face if you choose Wildcat...
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    Teen lost at Sugarloaf

    WMTW has quite a bit of detail. Looks like once this kid realized he was lost he REALLY kept his cool. Built a snow cave and stayed in it 2 nights. He stayed put waiting to be rescued. He didn't get sweaty and exhausted--probably saved his own life that way. One infers that he made excursions...
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    AlpineZone Summit 4.0 - February 8th - 10th, 2013 at Sugarloaf Mountain

    You guys are pre-positioned to grab the goods. The ropes will be dropping in Brackett, done deal. Wind? Bah. That's what #3 T is for. Couple tips: 1. When riding single, tell the liftie you want it in front, then twist and stick it betweenst yer legs and ride like a poma. Much easier. Not...
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    Taking Risks while Skiing

    PLEASE don't let alcohol affect your risk assessment when skiing. I learned this lesson as a shockingly young teenager back in the Jurassic doing a tremendous spread eagle probably 50 feet. It should have been 45. Jeezus, I landed hard. Alcohol affects both your judgment and your reaction...
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    Anybody skiing this MLK weekend?

    Black ME in Rumford, and also Bigrock way up in Mars Hill, are subsidized by the Libra Foundation and the Maine Winter Sports Foundation (heavily into World Cup biathalon in Ft. Kent too) to promote winter outdoor activities in Maine communities. Vertical 1150 from the triple chair. They're...
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    Anybody skiing this MLK weekend?

    Black Mtn MAINE Sunday. I was blacked out at Sugarloaf. Wow! Locals told me it was the busiest day this year, resulting in a 2-minute wait for the triple chair. There's been some tree thinning over the summer. I found 3 nice tree lines that I spotted from the chair with plentiful fresh...
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    Mt Abram

    I cut my teeth there back in the Jurassic. Great hill with surprising variety. I can't tell you about recovery time, but they should be getting around 4" today, and looking at snow depth maps they should still have a pretty good base under it. A shortcut to save 5 minutes avoiding the...
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    Where to go this Sunday/Monday?

    You have to be REALLY dedicated to ski in the rain. You get wet. You either constantly have to wipe your goggles or deal with rain in your eyes. Did I mention that you get wet? Rain itself doesn't make snow bad to ski on. It's when wet snow freezes that you get "New England powder," a/k/a...
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    Sugarloaf's SuperQuad Down?

    This is thoroughly discussed at the unofficial SL chat site here: http://www.sugarloaftoday.com/chat/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5315 See pp. 4-5 for photos of the beat-up shaft/gear and a lot of technical stuff. In a nutshell, while most detachable lists can use a driveshaft part that goes in a big...
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    Camden Snow Bowl

    Do it for the novelty of skiing in sight of the Atlantic. It's nice, about 900 vert., intermediate cruising. Parents unload the station wagon and come back and pick up the kids at the end of the day. Real good vibe. Be sure to check out the toboggan chute, and take a ride if your daring...
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    returning to skis after 20 years boarding, questions

    You're too kind, bdft. I'm a greybeard 5-11, 195, with 177 cm Salomon Sentinels with a 95 waist as my "bad boys" and a pair of 172 Dynastar X-Cross (light as a feather and 16 radius--fun!) as my quivver. I swore by 208 cm's back in the Jurassic, and now I stand on the trail edge in awe as the...
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    returning to skis after 20 years boarding, questions

    Your 2-plank buddy sounds like your best resource. Pick his brain. I think you should demo and/or rent a few times before you buy. You're probably going to end up on an all-mtn ski, but that still leaves room for a lot of variety. Skis have changed a LOT since you got those Rossi's. Go...
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    Cleaning up Resort Profiles

    For Maine: You really ought to drop "usa" from the Loaf listing. Big Squaw is d-e-d, dead. Eaton, according to their website, isn't expecting to have their chairlift running this winter. They will be open for tubing and are making brave noises.
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    Eastern Olympic Venues other than Whiteface

    Just curious: why would Stowe be controversial? Deer Valley hosted the aerial events in '02. The Deer Valley of the east should be able to do the same.=) The downhill course would have to go higher on Mansfield. Do you think that development wouldn't cause a stir?
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    Eastern Olympic Venues other than Whiteface

    Narrow Gauge at Sugarloaf is FIS certified for all alpine events. There was the fabled 3 days in Feb. 1971 when the Loaf hosted back-to-back downhills and a GS for both men and women in 3 days. It was a lean snow year in Europe. There was fantasy about hosting the Olympics up there around the...
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    favorite liftlines to ski?

    You folks should be sure to do Gondi when you come up to the Loaf for your weenie fest. Nitro may be steeper, and the back side is the wild side, but for a long, long continuous shot, it's Gondi.
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    I want to ski better damn it! How can I?

    The single best way to get better fast is to take a lesson. A group lesson is a good bet because the more advanced groups tend to be smaller. Spring is a good time to venture into the bumps and trees. It's soft and deep at the right mountain (hint: my nom de board is a good spring choice)...
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    kids hands

    Handwarmers work fine on the backs of the hands in mittens or gloves. That's because the blood vessels are closer to the surface on the back of the hands. I got my kids to do the "helicoptor" with me. Take off the poles, and start swinging both hands HARD in a circle, arms extended. Mincy...