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  1. Skimaine

    Lake Louise

    Went to LL and Sunshine in late January 2018. We had great snow with a big storm our second day at LL. The blue bird the next 4. Coverage was good to start with and two feet of fresh our fist two days set us up for a great trip. As previously note, the weather can be a crap shoot. We stayed...
  2. Skimaine

    Sugarloaf first timer

    Plenty of good advice already shared by many. Sugarloaf is skiing really well right now and they will get another shot of snow Wednesday into Thursday. Everything except the backside will be in play. Unlikely you can get tickets for the cat rides as they sell-out very quickly. As other have...
  3. Skimaine

    Back side of Sugarloaf

    DHS has correctly described the backside experience. I have been fortunate enough to get a couple laps over the years. As you hit the bottom of the skiable terrain, a cat track bings you around the eastern hip of the mountain. As noted you can jump into to Bracket Basin or keep going to...
  4. Skimaine

    Sugarloaf Christmas in July

    First time they have offered it.
  5. Skimaine

    sugarloaf thread

    Here are my suggestions: With storm hitting Thursday into Friday, I expect nearly every trail except front face summit trails and backside will be open. They will likely leave a few un-groomed as well. Certainly a possibility the glades will open including Bracket Basin. For you and your...
  6. Skimaine

    How many days so far? (2015-2016 season)

    Added two bonus days at the 'Loaf - April 30 and May 1st. Done at 52.
  7. Skimaine

    How many days so far? (2015-2016 season)

    At 50 days. Probably done for the year.
  8. Skimaine

    Anyone at the Loaf today Feb 22 Monday?

    Skied it on Sunday. 4-6 inches above Peavy x-cut. Fooled a lot of people because it was rain at the base. Just absolutely phenomenal. The pictures tell the story. Full disclosure - the lower part of the mountain was "some firm".
  9. Skimaine

    What would be you worst fear?

    Rollbacks. Think about it every time I get on a lift. So thankful I was not on King Pine.
  10. Skimaine

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Love the carpet loader at SL. In addition to being slightly faster, it really cuts down on stops and seems to fill the chairs.
  11. Skimaine

    First signs that ski season is near

    They are a great hard snow ski. Great grip, stable and quick. Just enough early rise to allow them to handle the crud well as the trails get chopped up. You got a great deal.
  12. Skimaine

    Peak Resort Acquisitions

    Certainly a possibility. It gives them the war chest to handle the transaction. I am not sure how Saddleback fits in their portfolio. Maybe quite good as they seem to have a eclectic bunch of properties.
  13. Skimaine

    First signs that ski season is near

    Love those Magnums. Picking mine up from Summer storage this weekend.
  14. Skimaine

    Sugarloaf Bucksaw Chair....RIP

    Barwinkles has been successful beyond their wildest dreams. To your point that it is over crowded in spite of the additions they made. Money being no object - level it and start over with something twice as big (and a good bathroom). And the restaurant food is pretty good.
  15. Skimaine

    What are you drinking right now?

    Old School - Tom Collins
  16. Skimaine

    Best/Worst Ski Trail Names

    Where the hell is the like button. LOL
  17. Skimaine

    What's it like skiing in the rain?

    Managing you gloves is a key part. Bring an extra set and carefully consider how to keep the water out.
  18. Skimaine

    Ski areas with buyer's remorse

    I agree. In addition to running the line faster, the carpet greatly reduces problems loading and this greatly reduces the stop rate. That lift just keep chugging along. Putting a fixed grip with a carpet loader is one of the best decisions for Sugarloaf.
  19. Skimaine

    Sharpen Your edges Boys and Girls

    All snow at the 'Loaf. Soft and fun. Should be another great day Sunday. No need for the ice carvers.
  20. Skimaine

    How many days so far? (2014-2015 Season)

    2 days. Off to a good start.