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  1. J


    I'll go with that!
  2. J

    Mount Sunapee

    Good mountain, and easy to get to from UNH.
  3. J

    Wildcat or Attitash

    I have only been to Wildcat once, back in 2004 or so when there was a big snowstorm in October. I remember it being awesome, and have wanted to go back ever since. I vote Wildcat.
  4. J

    Oldest Ski You Still Use

    Salomon Verse 10 Pilots. 2001 maybe? Used them about 2 weeks ago - rusty edges and all. Was sort of hoping someone would steal them, but they didn't...
  5. J

    Skiing Songs

    Gar always used to blast Seven Below by Phish, first thing in the morning at the Purp to wake us up before we hit the road... Worked every time.