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    Sugarloaf Trail 9.28.13

    Hit it in late September if you can, it's awesome when the leaves are changing. Also, I now live in Colorado and am riding some top destinations like Fruita ,Crested Butte, Monarch Crest to name a few. I still think Sugarloaf had nice trails and good singletrack even after riding out here the...
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    Sugarloaf Trail 9.28.13

    The bike shop at the Outdoor center had free maps available last time I was there of the Sugarloaf system and some of the trails on the otherside of 27. Maine huts and trail maps are also free, the office is in Kingfield. Check out the NEMBA Carabasset valley chapter website, I think it has...
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    Sugarloaf Trail 9.28.13

    I believe There is camping along of the Caribou Valley road and at trailhead and road that leads to the Bigelow trailhead. Both are just north of the ski area road. I think its called Stratton Brook Road. My memory is a little foggy as I don't live in Maine anymore and haven't been there for a...
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    Monarch Crest- Colorado's Premier Alpine MT Biking

    This is Colorado's if not the US's premier alpine ride. Just outside of Salida on the Continental Divide. I live less than hour away now and finally rode it the other week. . This picture sums up the ride. Definetly not New England. Much different than the logging road rides in Maine that...
  5. Monarch Crest 8.4.15 033.jpg

    Monarch Crest 8.4.15 033.jpg

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    Fruita Colorado

    I know not northeast but Any serious Mt bikers ever looking for a trip out west check out Fruita, CO. Finally got in a ride here earlier this week and some great riding and scenery. While you northeast riders are waiting for mud season to let up you can enjoy this trip report with lots of...
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    Wtf ?

    Even if you don't know the song. Enjoy! Definitely a gem and among the greatest music videos of all time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZZngTkp54I I just can't believe I didn't discover it until today.
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    Monarch Colorado- A Miserable Experience 12-15-14

    So I skied Monarch Monday, my first time there and first time out this season. What a joke. For starters, they got 20 inches of snow the past 48 hours and it continued to snow the whole day- come on, No ice?. 2nd- It was a free ski day as long as you brought 2 canned goods to donate- This...
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    Is there an Alpine Zone type Forum for Colorado

    Thanks for all the replies, I'll check them out.
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    Is there an Alpine Zone type Forum for Colorado

    Thanks for the input, I figured someone on here would be able to direct me in the right direction.
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    Is there an Alpine Zone type Forum for Colorado

    I moved to Colorado and have been looking for an informative forum like AZ for skiing info that is Colorado Centric., Is there anybody on this site that relocated out west or travels to CO a lot that knows of a skiing forum for CO?
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    Mountain Goats on Mt Antero (Colorado 14er)

    I posted a few of my hikes in CO on here even though they are not New England to share my experiences to anyone that has hiked or wants to hike out here. I won't bore Alpine Zone readers with all my western trips but I wanted to post this one because I never saw wild mountain goats and thought...
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    Triple Rainbow Route Salida CO 8.24.14

    I know it's not the northeast but I finally got in a serious MT bike ride since I moved to CO. If you are interested check it out at http://tomcatoutdoors.blogspot.com/2014/08/mountain-biking-triple-rainbow-route.html Great riding with lots of singletrack, huge elevation gains, and scenery.
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    Sangre de Cristo hike over July 4th weekend

    Now that I'm relocated to Colorado, I am not missing New England at all. Here is my first hike from CO at my blog http://tomcatoutdoors.blogspot.com/2014/07/hiking-comanche-venable-loop.html
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    Acadia National Park Carriage Roads 5.25.14

    The Carriage Roads are easy riding but with nearly 50 miles of trails and great scenery they never disappoint. Here is my 30 mile ride last weekend. http://tomcatoutdoors.blogspot.com/2014/05/cycling-acadia-carriage-roads-of-acadia.html Here is my blog with the trip report and pics. Very...
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    hiking shoes question

    As a high mileage hiker, I recommend the lightest shoes that are still comfortable. I hike and backpack with full pack with low cut shoes as long as weather allows it over any terrain. I will hike day hikes in trail runners sometimes. This may not be doable if you need more support of your...
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    Nice spring day in Acadia 4.20.14

    I hiked Pemetic, Penobscot, and Sargent mountains and it was a gorgeous spring day. Most of the snow is gone except a couple of minor crossings. I have the full report and lots of pics of mountain and ocean views at my blog...
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    Bretton Woods?

    Thanks for all the info. I have skied Cannon, Wildcat, and Attitash in Northern NH. I am always interested in trying new ski areas and never been to Bretton. Thought I might give it a try for $17 on Monday especially with the new snow. I'm guessing the glades will have plenty of coverage even...
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    Bretton Woods?

    My preference is mountains like Sugarloaf and Jay Peak. I enjoy challenging terrain and am enjoy the woods when there is coverage. That being said is Bretton Woods worth the trip or would I get bored quickly. Is there enough glades to entertain.
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    Skiing on the Cheap - 2013-14 Edition

    Is Bretton Woods $17 on the 17th? And I have a Cannon voucher that has Middlebury, Titus, and Suicide Six. Anyone interested in this PM me.