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    Pass math how did everyone do?

    The pass stats and cost/run is one thing, but the reality of skiing expenses is the total cost. That means lodging, meals and travel related expenses. For me, on the Ikon pass, day tripping is limited only to Loon. Everything else (Sunday River, Stratton, Sugarloaf, Sugarbush - no western/europe...
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    Pass math how did everyone do?

    Yes! Quality is more important than quantity, at least for me.
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    Next week?

    Legit concerns here from abc. I was also looking at possibly getting a couple of days at Stratton this week, but the temperature profiles look like the surfaces won't soften up, much less corn up - refrozen boiler plate. Grooming crews may scratch up the frozen stuff just enough so it will be...
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    First Snowfalls, Upcoming weather and Storms of winter 2023-2024. Storm snow totals, Observations and Predictions?

    My scheduled trip trip to Sugarloaf is next week - just in time to watch the rain wash away the snow. 60% chance of rain just about every single day of next week. Seriously bummed. Haven't been able to use our Ikon passes much this year (no western trips this year) and even bought Go Cards so...
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    Extreme Snowboard Carving Serious Safety and Skiing Community issue

    Since this topic is still going on, here are my additional couple of cents. I just looked up what seemingly is the FIS code of conduct (CD's post made me do it) and at least the first four rules clearly show that the idiot snowboarder who caused the bumpybrady's (original author of this...
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    Extreme Snowboard Carving Serious Safety and Skiing Community issue

    Looks like the skier/rider code with its provision that whoever is downhill of skiers/rides uphill has the priority to do whatever they want obviously doesn't cover the situation that bumpybrandy found himself in. So, technically (according to the code) he's in the wrong (??) but realistically...
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    booked a big canada trip for february ... must be august

    Let's hope for the best - I should get off the fence and just book a hotel. My last trip there was superb.
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    booked a big canada trip for february ... must be august

    Looks like a fine trip you've got planned. Any concerns about low snow cover, warm temps due to El Nino? These are typical predictions for Canadian Rockies in an El Nino year. I'm also contemplating a Banff trip this February. One of the best things about staying in Banff and skiing Lake L...
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    Steamboat Feb 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th & 21st....

    Great pictures - thank you for sharing.
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    Question for NH skiers - how crowded does it get during NH school vacation

    I do know that Massachusetts school vacation does crowd the NE ski resorts quite significantly. Now that my kids are past that stage, I avoid skiing during that week. How about the NH vacation (2/27 - 3/3). Do NH ski areas get equally crowded? I'm especially interested in estimating how busy...
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    Ski and Snowboard helmets. Do you? or don't you? ride with one!! Have you been saved by one?? What are you using? and how is it?

    Some spring days are just too warm for my ski helmet - MTB helmet vents better. Also, I really have to use my goggles when wearing the ski helmet, it's a matter of fit. Without the goggles it just wobbles too much. And if it's warm, I really don't like wearing goggles. The level of protection is...
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    Ski and Snowboard helmets. Do you? or don't you? ride with one!! Have you been saved by one?? What are you using? and how is it?

    I started wearing a helmet after I got hit by a skier wearing one. If I had to be in a legal fight with that idiot (of course it was his fault...;)), I probably wouldn't look good. Well, it never came to that. On more serious note, I've seen enough people bounce their noggin on the hard pack, so...
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    Does it always piss hot rain right before or on Christmas in eastern ski country or does if just seem that way?

    I have week-long trip booked at Sugarloaf for first week of March. I'll ski what there will be, just hope not to get rain. I'll get my wet snow waxes ready...:oops:. I feel like I'm sitting in the Caffe at the End of the Universe, watching it all unravel...
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    Ski Recommendations

    Just for the record, I just started using my Atomic Vantage 79 Ti (bought them at the end of 2020) and absolutely love this ski, just after one session. I think they are perfect for east coast groomers. I was really impressed how this ski stays on the edge even on the hard stuff. I've been...
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    Loon's grooming capabilities?

    I haven't skied there often enough to know for sure, but from lift conversations it sounded that when they get enough natural snow, they also let Angel Street stay bumped up. Rolling Bear - the short connecting run to the North Peak Quad also stays bumped up. I was there just this past Tuesday...
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    Loon's grooming capabilities?

    Thanks for all the responses - very helpful. A day trip to Loon is on the outer edge of my day-tripping range (300 mile round trip for me) so it's important what possible conditions I'm about to encounter. It's great to be a part of a well informed and dedicated group of snow crazies.
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    Loon's grooming capabilities?

    Question for frequent Loon skiers/riders: How well does the Loon grooming crew deal with surface like today (Thursday 1/26) which is soft now due to wet ppt that they got but will be freezing up this afternoon and overnight? I'm trying to make the decision if I should be there tomorrow. I don't...
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    The Saddleback Thread

    Affordable lodging is key for me. Just took a cursory look - not much in $ 120/night range. I don't mind paying for decent food but I prefer my lodging to be on the spartan side so I can watch the budget.
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    Cheapest way to ski at Mt. Sunapee on a Saturday?

    Just my 2 cents here - I also think that Sunapee flows a bit better than Gunstock (I like them both), but only when all trails are in play. Especially for Sunapee. I just checked their report for today and they have only 50% of their terrain in play. I'm keeping an eye on this since I have a...