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    VT proposing restrictions on Short Term rentals

    Has anyone heard about the new legislation? WTF are they thinking? This is being sent around from VRBO
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    Ban on cell phones in VT

    I love to ski in VT,... but they are really out there with their politics! https://www.timesargus.com/news/local/bill-would-ban-cellphone-use-for-those-under/article_2e4064f1-892f-5a83-95a2-d8a4272942d9.html
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    Awesome Chairlift Rescue!

    These kids were incredible! https://globalnews.ca/video/5007474/grouse-mountain-chairlift-rescue-caught-on-camera
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    Killington Ganjala

    Skied at Killington yesterday with my 14yo daughter. First, I have to say - love all the changes they made with the tunneling. Completely changes the feel and flow of the Mtn. Great job, I will be back for sure. The not sot good: What is with all the pot heads smoking weed in the gondola...