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    Killington winter ops update

    https://www.killington.com/plan-your-trip/getting-here/parking-reservations The season is right around the corner, and we can’t wait for the Longest Season in the East to get started. Over a month ago we sent out our Winter Operations Plan and although we included a lot of detail, we still had...
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    Cyber terrorism?

    I guess AZ is a high profile target, gets taken out a lot!
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    K will not reopen

    Today, I’m pleased to announce our plan to launch summer operations, starting with the Golf Course on Saturday, May 23 and the Bike Park on Saturday, June 6. Before I get into the opening details, I have some other news to share—we have made the difficult decision that we will not reopen for...
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    Skiing is back!

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    Anybody skiing this weekend?

    Looking like a decent weekend at K, I plan to be hitting the bumps on superstar and tailgating on the access road until the sun goes down.
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    Copper MT gondola car falls off

    https://snowbrains.com/an-empty-gondola ... s-morning/ https://snowbrains.com/an-empty-gondola-cabin-fell-from-the-new-american-eagle-lift-at-copper-mountain-co-this-morning/ Statement From Copper Mountain, CO: At approximately 11 a.m. on Nov. 26, a gondola cabin from the American Eagle lift...
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    Where do you buy your gear?

    Online or at a store? I buy the majority of my gear online. The only thing I really buy in a store are my boots, or emergency items like if something broke while skiing and needed immediate replacement to continue skiing. Skis are always bought online as you can save hundreds on the same skis...
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    Killington summer improvements

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    Who is going to resurface?

    With this current meltdown happening presidents week, how many mountains are done with snowmaking? I'm sure the major players will resurface when it cools off tomorrow night, but many smaller hills are probably done making snow for the year.
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    World Cup

    Anybody watching it? NBC is has been streaming it too, insane crowd.....16000+ at k1! Does HS still think its FAIL?
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    Fatmap.com ski maps

    Saw this over on Kzone, apparently they are trying to hire people to map out unmarked stashes at resorts all over, then the guy didnt understand why people were getting upset with him! Wonder if they will come over here to try and hire people.
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    K management communication

    Posted on K-Zone, its great to have management talk to the customer I see several questions out here that I will try to answer in one post: Closing early – this post was about if we were closing areas early. I know you all know this – the fact is that people stop coming this time of year...
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    management listens!

    What a difference one season makes. Last year Killington managment seemed to only want to upset there core customers. This year they have changed 100% They even listen to there customers directly. One big thing that upset many people was there change of hours on the weekends. At start of the...
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    K passes 12-13

    Unlimited Adult $1049; Youth $699; Senior $699; Child $39 If you’re chomping at the bit for first tracks, then you know you’re going to need unlimited access to both Killington and Pico Mountain. If you plan to be making turns at least 13 days a year, the Unlimited Pass is as necessary to your...