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    This weekend my girlfriend and I are doing some day hikes around the Berkshires. Next weekend (3 days) planning on hiking w/dog from Lincoln Gap south to David Logan shelter (35 miles) on the Long Trail. The last week in Sept and the first week in Oct I'm starting at the Canadian border and hiking south on the LT as far as I can. I would like to get over to the Maine coast at some point but that's unknown right now.

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    Have had some really great weather so far this summer -- much drier so far than last year! Started out the season with the Hancock loop, then did the Osceolas. Hit Carrigain last month, and pampered myself with a trip to Greenleaf Hut and Lafayette on probably the best time ever in the Whites. The weather was pristine!

    Planning on spending a week toolin' around the Pemi in August -- hitting Owl's Head and the Bonds -- and then maybe hitting the northern prezzies the latter half of the week.

    Had originally planned on wrapping up the 4Ks this summer. But now, I've decided to finish them up next year.

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    Hey Greg,

    Thanks for visiting the site

    The snow patch was way cool...
    I actually never completed the full trip to the summit that day - a friend of mine was worn out by the "boulders" on top of Nelson Crag and we ended up bailing to the Auto Road and actually hitching a ride in the back of a pick-up truck.

    My friends who continued came down Tuckerman's - in the morning when we left, it was closed due to remaining ice - but sometime during the day, they decided to open up the trail. So they ended up sliding down in snow - in the 2nd week of July. Sorry I missed that one!

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    Thought I'd bump this old thread up. What are everyone's hiking plans for the coming months?

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    Summer plans

    My wife and I will be finishing our 48 4,000 footers this summer. I did a poll on the AMC web page and most suggested that I leave Mt Isolation as my last summit, which we will.

    In June, a friend and I are doing a 4-day trek from Thornton (near Waterville Valley) to Mt Washington and the Great Gulf. The only down side of this trek is that it will be in the middle of black fly season. Unfortunately, I have to do it during June for several reasons.

    In July, my wife and I plan a 3-day 2-night trip over the Carters, Wildcats and Moriah. The rest of the summer will be finishing our 48 and a number of other day hikes we have planned.

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    Re: Summer plans

    Quote Originally Posted by RJ
    I did a poll on the AMC web page and most suggested that I leave Mt Isolation as my last summit, which we will.
    RJ - try the poll feature here. It's awesome.

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    well, i really haven't made any plans yet... or even thought about hiking this summer! maybe i'm still getting over the end of skiing season? lol.

    last sunday, i made the spur of the moment decision to hike monadnock as a warm up hike for the whites (i don't hike during the winter). and i'll probably hit the cardigan area and welch dicky (still haven't done that one) this weekend as additional warm up hikes.

    beyond that? i dunno really... we'll see where i end up! i primarily hike the whites. some hikes i wanted to do last year but didn't have time to include: the kinsmans/cannon, liberty/flume, and the southern presidentials. so i'll probably definately do those and also revisit some favorites.
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    Hey, nice site!

    So much to do...so little time...

    This summer I'll be finnishing what started last year as a through hike of Vermonts LT. I have yet to go from Camels Hump to Canada.

    I'll be hiking a bit of the Pemi wilderness (perhaps starting a 4000 list).

    August I'll be out CA way doing the John Muir Trail (I'm getting excited about that allready!!).

    Time permitting I'd like to check out the Mahoosuc range, then perhaps Baxter Park.

    Happy trails,


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    I was going to write about my plans, but

    I was about to write about my plans, but the website wouldn't let me post as me. Previously, I had found that I had to select the "automatic" log-in option in order to post. Now, even that isn't working. I am definitely logged in, it shows me as being the one registered user who is logged in. Perhaps, if I start all over again - it will work out (I initially tried to log-in without selected the "automatic" option). Anyway, I will try it another time... I've got to get back to work grading final exams. Senior grades are due today.

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    pedxing - What browser/operating system are you using? If you're using IE/Windows, try this - go to your Cookies folder, typically, C:\Documents and Settings\username\Cookies. Delete the username@forums.alpinezone[1].txt file (as well as any other forums.alpinezone.txt files). Empty the recycle bin and then restart IE. Then log back in using the "Log me on automatically each visit" option. Let me know if I can help further.
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