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    [Originally posted by Jack]

    What is everyone's plans for the summer hiking season? Where do you plan to go?

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    I'd be interested to hear of some good hiking trails/places in CT/Western Mass.
    I'm originally from England and we have hiking trails marked all accross the countryside but this doesn't seem to be the case in the US. Then again, no bears in England!

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    The Appalachian Trail passes through all of western MA, northwestern CT, and southern VT. Lots of side trails around Mt Greylock in MA. There are also the South Taconic, Taconic Crest, and Taconic Ridge trails. Email me if you want details.

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    So far I'm having an interesting summer. My sister, wife and I spent a night at Galehead hut in June. The hike over the Twins was great, with a spectacular view from South Twin. The hut was clean, the food was good, and the company diverse.

    The following weekend I hiked Mt Liberty and stayed overnight at Liberty Springs tentsite with some new friends I met on the Internet. After making camp, we hiked to Lafayette and back. It had been 17 years since I last backpacked and I did learned a valuable lesson about over packing.

    Last weekend we hiked the Tripyramid in Waterville Valley. Although the hike was challenging and the views from the South Tripyramid excellent, I don't believe I need to hike it again anytime soon.

    In the next few weeks we plan to do a Madison/Adams loop, Mt Carrigain, and an overnighter over the Bonds. All and all, it is a nice summer for hiking.

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    In June, my husband and I went on a hiking/camping trip to Shenandoah National Park. The terrain is outstanding. Most of our hiking has been in NE but despite being in Virginia, we did some great hikes.

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    i just moved to RI so i don't know where the good hikes are yet. i'd love to get some info about where to go, if any of you know the area. i'll be out every day if i can find a close enough trail, as well as exploring all over. i'd love to join a group that does regular hikes.

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    It's been a busy summer so far. Unsure I'll get out again before fall. Spent Memorial Day (technically Spring) in hail, thunder lightening & rain on NH's Hancock loop. A beautiful early june Day on MA'a Mt. Tom & then a rainy, drizzling day in NH's Sandwich Range in the Southern White Mountains on Whiteface, East Sleeper & Passaconaway. In July, I've been to Greylock in another T-storm (no hail), two trips to Monadnock, via Dublin & Marlboro Trails; a 17.6 death march over all three Willey Range peaks with a trip through Zealand Notch & past Ethan Pond, Last Friday Did 3rd, 4th & 5th highest in Catskills.

    For Rocklobster, check out CT's Natchag or Pachuag trail in & around Voluntown area. Views From the Top (see AMC site for more info) @ http://www.lexicomm.com had some trail info from people who did some RI hikes although I admit not to checking them myself.

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    Great summer so far: Started off with 3 days at Tuck's in April (I know...spring), Liberty/Flume overnight with my daughter on June 1&2 (her first backpack), Caribou Mtn in Maine 7/2 (a great little Mtn), and Katahdin (Baxter/South and Hamlin) on 7/9-10 (down Hamlin Ridge in a T-Storm - scary). Tackling Sugarloaf and Spaulding on 8/12. Then likely the Hancocks or Owl's Head and possibly Cabot in September. Life is good! - SherpaKroto

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    Not doing as much hiking as usual this summer... but let's see...

    Tackled Giant Nubble and Noonmark in the Adirondacks - and a failed attempt at the Gothics. Indian Pass scheduled for this weekend.

    Mt Washington - Nelson Crag/Alpine Garden a couple weeks ago.

    But by far the best this year was Memorial Day weekend on VT Long Trail in the Sterling area, from Beaver Meadow.
    Not a soul in site. A beautiful lean-to with a view to ourselves. Mist and clouds lifting to reveal the sunset over the chin of Mansfield... and a sunny traverse from Whiteface to Morse to the Chilcoot Pass. Sinking knee deep in snow patches, stuggling to get out with a 40 lb pack on the back - and reacting to the cold against the bare legs!

    Traces of deer and lots of snakes on this hike. Unusual!

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    hikergrrl - You have a great site! I was checking out your Mount Washington pix from earlier this year. Jefferson's snowpatch is pretty cool, isn't it?

    Notice the second pic on hikergrrl's site (Sorry, hikergrrl - had to break out of the frames to reference that page). See the snowpatch on the flank of Jefferson? Well, here are other perspectives of the snow patch from a hike in June of 1994 (notice the pics titled, "Mount Jefferson / Clay from Mt. Adams summit, NH" and "Snowfield Mount Jefferson, NH"). Cool, huh?

    Greg Blasko
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