Five Favorites (2010-2011)


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    Five Favorites (2010-2011)

    If you're like me, you're probably putting together your "to-do" list for the 2011-2012 season.

    Here are my favorites from last year:

    Detailed reports/videos on those (and others) here:

    What's on your list this year?

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    My BC Bucket list for 11/12

    Last season was great but there's still lots of unfinished business!

    It's always a moving target with timing and conditions since I live down in the badlands of CT but my short list includes:

    Oakes Gulf
    Great Gulf
    King Ravine
    Return to Mount Cardigan
    Mt Moosilauke
    Doublehead Ski Trail
    2012 Thunderbolt Race (a faster non stop run)
    Petersburg Pass NELSAP
    Berkshire Snow Basin NELSAP

    We'll see what the new season brings!

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    My Goals are pretty simple = just getting the green light on the home front to spend some time at the mountain skiing....and getting my 3 1/2 yo out some more!

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    I posted my strategy on my blog. In brief:

    Finish exploring most new areas Stateside
    Trifecta in the Eastern Townships
    More touring
    MRG Triple Crown participation

    My touring to do list specifics I'll keep to myself. Though I will say it has been too long since I've been in the GoS.
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    My list this year definitely includes MRG, Sugarloaf, and I'd really like to hit at least one New York place (having never skied NY before). Maybe more ambitious later but for now that's my short list. Maybe Smuggs. I want to tackle some really difficult terrain this year on new slopes.
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    My favorites change from year to year. Most recently I've been fixated on Sugarbush, Stowe, MRG, Jay and Magic. And a couple of community ski area here and there. Gotta get my pin fix from someplace!

    I'd like to get to Saddleback again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by billski View Post
    My favorites change from year to year. Most recently I've been fixated on Sugarbush, Stowe, MRG, Jay and Magic. And a couple of community ski area here and there. Gotta get my pin fix from someplace!

    I'd like to get to Saddleback again.
    I'm confused, I thought the OP was refering to back country and now people are listing areas. If its areas my favorite 5 (In the east) have been/will always be Smuggs, Stowe, Mad River, Mt Ellen (will always be Glen Ellen to me), and Sugarbush. Hope to hit all 5 + others this season.(K, Magic etc)


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    Yes, I think the OP was reaching for backcountry trips. We usually have a "to-do"list of resorts that comes up this time of year and we can write about resorts there. In keeping with the backcountry theme, my to-do list for 2011-12 includes:

    1. Mt. Mansfield, Bruce and Teardrop trail - Never been partly because, if you're paying for a day ticket to Stowe, you should be riding those lifts as much as you can. Maybe I'll skin it from the bottom.

    2. Big Jay - It's been taunting me for years. I may access it by skinning from the highway rather than from Jay Peak itself. I need company for this though.

    3. Ammonoosuc Ravine - It melted out too quickly this year, Hopefully, we get some winds from the east to build a good snowpack.

    4. King Ravine - Sounds like a torture-fest to get in. Someday, I'll bag that run.

    5. Anywhere that's not on the Goodman book - All this talk about Lincoln's Throat, the Osceola slides and North Twin are getting me interested in getting off the beaten path. I just have an irrational fear of getting lost. I usually tour solo so having the Goodman book is a good security blanket.

    Back to the slideshow, I totally agree about the Gulf of Slides at number one. In a lot of respects, it is a better experience than Tuckerman Ravine. The isolation, the wide open bowl feel, the wildness of the place are amazing. Highly recommended. However, unlike Tux, be sure to be equipped with avy gear and knowledge. Isolation has its price.
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    My hairbrained plan took me out along the Greeley Ponds trail from the Kancamagus, and then bushwhacking across the various drainages until reaching the bottom of the main Osceola slide. What started as wide open hardwoods quickly closed in as I moved higher on the mountain. I set waypoints on my simple GPS device, and with the help of a compass I found the slide after battling the tight trees and numerous stream crossings.
    Lol. I had the same dumbass plan a couple of seasons. Unlike you though I gave up with the bushwhack, skied back down, and hiked the gully from the bottom. I gotta give you credit on getting accross to the gully, that had to be one of the heinous looking bushwhacks I have ever seen.

    And that isn't a spring time gully. I talked to a couple of people who ski it all the time and they said you got to ski it in powder. Once any warmth comes it gets trashed.

    And my list is quite simple:
    -powder in steep and above treeline places. Nothing beats skiing powder in a 40 degree gully or giant snowfield.

    An awesome albeit kind of rocky day of skiing on the westside last December.

    And some blow in pow a couple of years ago.
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    On my list is to be photographed by G. Petrics. He makes everything look amazing. (I mean, nice turns and all AWF...but holy CRAP what a shot!!)

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