What Maine areas will you ski/board in 2011-12?


View Poll Results: What Maine areas will you ski/board in 2011-12?

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  • Sunday River

    21 56.76%
  • Sugarloaf

    29 78.38%
  • Saddleback

    21 56.76%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Question What Maine areas will you ski/board in 2011-12?

    I'm going to try a poll of VT-NH-ME-NY biggies and see what the profile of this group looks like. Yeah, I'm leaving out the smaller places, and deliberately omitting MA and CT. We can have a mega-poll if this works out. Of course you can vote for as many resorts/hills as you want. But you're only allowed one vote per hill.

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    Guess I should put in a vote for Saddleback.... The Loaf is a given, but Saddleback's a close 2nd...just another 20mi+.......but a lot of fun as much more pow remains after the first three hours...lol.

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    Sunday River probably a few times, want to go to Sugarloaf atleast once though.

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    Not having Abram and Shawnee are pretty big omissions as those are not small places.
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    I wish I could but too far for me

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    Sunday River is a given for me! It's just too easy to make it there as there's someone almost always going up there! But it's all good.

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    Touch 'em all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skimaine View Post
    Touch 'em all.
    +1 one on that one.

    If you're not too far away and we've received some good snow, I recommend that anyone try Camden Snowbowl at least once. Enjoy the views of the ocean and have fun in an atmosphere that is not only a throwback to times gone by, by a laid back vibe, about 900 feet of vert and some pretty good glades.

    And Mt. Abram is fantastic. Should be in the poll. Varying terrain and no crowds. Check it!
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