Stowe RFID Card - Oops!


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    Stowe RFID Card - Oops!

    I seem to have poked a hole into the new RFID program at Stowe.
    I have a Stowe Points card. This lets me purchase tickets at a discount.

    The RFID "Evolution" card is of course your lift ticket, and can be pre-loaded with $$ to go-to-the-lift and automatically deduct the day rate from your account. (Forget about the $5 fee ). Of course, I don't want the day rate, I want the Stowe Points Card rate.

    There does not seem to be a way to deduct pre-loaded $$ (go-to-the-lift) from the Evolution card at the Stowe Points Rate.

    It seems that what I will have to do is go to the ticket counter with both cards to get the the discounted rate and load that onto the card.

    What I have concluded is that there is no way to go straight to the lift if you are using a Stowe points card. Unless of course you are going multi day.

    The service rep at Stowe also indicated there is a cross-system problem whereby the Evolution card will not credit points into your Stowe Point card.

    I was asked to call back tomorrow. Not a biggie, but buyer beware. I'll bet some Stowe Points holder will incorrectly assume one way or the other. A few cranky consumers to follow. Glad I checked this out in advance.
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