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    Mt Abram - 1/14

    Here we have the main double chair lift and trail below (Fairy tales) -- also a nice wide fast cruiser(Boris) leading down to it.

    Riding the chair, this area with some rock drops reminded me a bit of Magic's redline, looks like a fun rock to drop after some new snow

    Nice view of the area, backside of Sunday River may be in view--

    Some skiable woods(The Zone) that I'd like to check out next time:

    Another shot from the lift(The Cliff and Lallypalooza):

    First time ever checking out Mt Abram -- driven by it 100 times on the way to Sunday River.... Being solo, and cheap(Ride and Ski 2for1), and wanting to hit the road on the earlier side -- I decided to check it out. Nice hill, comparable to one of Sunday Rivers peaks -- probably not whitecap, but if Mt Abram was in the mix planted over at Sunday River, I'd probably spend a few runs per day on it....

    They were not yet 100% open, so I wasn't able to get a full scouting report -- I had wanted to scout out Rocky's run, Fearless leader, and the area of the mtn called duanes retreat to see if that would be worth a future skin up-ski down.... Unfortunately, next time.

    The mountain had some nice new snow(5-9" I think they reported), and what was open ski'd really well. The untouched pow had a small 1/4 inch layer of crust -- but it was no match for my snowboard -- blasted right through it. Was slightly worried about what lurked below, but just kept some speed and tried to stay on top. Hit a few things, but no core damage so I suppose it was probably ice blocks or wood vs rock.

    I think this area is worth checking out on your final day of a Sunday River trip -- they also do morning-only half-day tickets for 30$. Can't really beat that if you want to get in a few runs before lunch and hitting the road. They also have a 'everything is fair game policy', once the mountain is fully open, you can go anywhere within the resorts boundries--

    Or you can just keep on driving by, and save the pow for me......
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    Nice report - I have always heard good things about Mt Abram.

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    Nice report, Mt Abram does seem like a nice hidden gem. Best of luck to them in getting a new lodge built as well!
    That liftline does look like it could be some fun!

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    Nice. Be sure to get back there when they are fully open. Given the choice between Sunday River and Abram both fully open, I'd take Abram every time.
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