Elk Mountain 1/21/2012


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    Elk Mountain 1/21/2012

    Resort or Ski Area: Elk Mountain Pennsylvania

    Conditions: Powder Baby

    Trip Report:
    I was looking at the forecast last night and decided it would be Elk today in spite of the fact I have a season pass to Greek Peak. I was disappointed when I awoke to find out all the totals for PA had been reduced. I decided sixty bucks was too much for a couple inches and resigned to heading to Greek. I shoveled my driveway and there was about 4". I knew there would be more than that forty miles south. I just picked up some new skis, Volkl Mantras. I wanted to ski some fresh snow with them. They're a little more up to the job than my old skis, here's a side by side comparison.

    I pulled in right at 8:15, booted up, hopped on the cattle car, and made it near the front of the line. I'd say they got about five to six inches. It seemed like a foot after skiing mostly man made groomers all season.

    Bottom of Slalom early.


    Tunk, it was just awesome today, zero ice, packed carveable beneath the fresh. You could just hop around and edge where ever you landed, it was great. Soft bumps formed by the afternoon.



    Top of Susquehanna

    It never got too crowded.

    Oh yeah, the Mantras skied great. They're last year's model,so no early rise. I think you'd need more than 6" to notice much. I did demo the 2012's at Elk. They do have a more forgiving feel to them. So far I'm happy with them, one day on ice, and today. I had fun on them today. Definitely a lot more float than my Tigersharks. Glad I went, I'll be hitting Greek tomorrow, Sugarbush Tuesday, and Wednesday.

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    I will get to Elk!

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    Nice. Love Elk.

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    Thanks for the report and the great pics. I learned to ski in at Elk in the 80s, but have not been back since. Those pics brought back a lot of great memories for me. I must get back there sometime.

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    was up there yesterday...they groomed the 4-6 of fresh into the surface and it was very nice

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    was nice yesterday, kudos to mother nature and a little help from the grooming crew

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