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    Killington 3/1

    After struggling to decide where to go, we settled on the Beast. Southern VT was looking to get more snow, but there was a better base and we knew our way around at Killington.

    Woke up to 5 new and it snowed all day of varying intensity. We were number 3 in line at Superstar and our day went something like this:
    Ovation all the way, SS Liftline, Skypeak Express Woods on skiers left, then under the SP lift line to lower Growler, Growler from the top, then OL Liftline under the ropes, Devils Fiddle 3x, Growler again, Needles Eye, lower Vertigo, SS liftline, Escapade/ Cascade, West Glade, Mouse Trap, Snowden Woods, North Star, Patsy's, Royal Flush, Downdraft upper and lower, Double Dipper upper and lower 4 times (refreshed each time) with mandatory rock drop at bottom of Cascade, Downdraft again, SuperStar Liftline, Downdraft, end.

    Incredible day with 5 of my best buds. Non stop runs almost every one. The first 8 runs were mostly untracked to lightly tracked. One of the best days ever for snow quality, weather (no wind hold) light crowds, still mining fresh pockets at 4pm

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    Sounds awesome. How was the coverage on DF?

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    I find it hard to believe you skied lower downdraft. If you did it couldn't have been fun.

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    I wouldn't doubt anything 180 says. He is an incredible skier.

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    Covered some real estate!! Nice!


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    Quote Originally Posted by steamboat1 View Post
    I find it hard to believe you skied lower downdraft. If you did it couldn't have been fun.
    Heh, clearly you don't know 180.

    I suspect it was he who skied the fence line on trail 44 this past weekend at Hunter.

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