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    Date(s) Skied: Friday, March 2, 2012

    Resort or Ski Area: Sunday River

    Conditions: 8 inches of fresh powder! Actually, "powder" is a bit of a stretch because the snow was rather heavy. But it's still more snow than I've seen all year.

    Trip Report: Drove from MA in the morning and, of course, ran late. Didn't get started until 10, and it looked like everyone else made first chair; just about the entire mountain had tracks already. From South Ridge, headed west. Took Aurora, then made way to Jordan Bowl, where we did Excalibur, Rogue Angel, and Tin Woodsman before going back east to Spruce Peak for Downdraft and Risky Business. Tin Woodsman was the most exhausting run of the day. In addition to all the lumpy snow, you'd hit a patch if ice out of nowhere, which would spit you out into more lumpy snow (yikes!). However, that was just about the only ice I encountered all day. After lunch, we went east to Barker and White Cap: Right Stuff, Ecstasy, Upper Sunday Punch, Bim's Whim, Monday Morning, Cascades, and White Heat. The afternoon went by so quickly (late start+late lunch=2hr afternoon) that we missed out on a bunch of trails on that side.

    Sooooo glad we took the day off!! Had to EARN EVERY TURN. Everywhere I went, I could hear people taking about how their legs were on fire. Lots of spills, including a nice one by me (losing a ski in big, sloppy bumps). I avoid trees because I do not have a helmet, but other skiers were having a tremendous time in them.

    Weather was great too. Cloudy, calm, temps in the 20s.

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    Yeah, 10 is kind of a late start for a semi-powder day. I think my best runs that day were first thing after opening. They didn't load the lift until exactly 9am, which was annoying. I was in line at 8:45.

    I did a little bit in the glades later in the day. They were pretty good, but there wasn't enough new snow to bury everything once things got scraped down. I had my first spill of the season in there, but luckily didn't get hurt.

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