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    Def the boarder at fault here. Something doesn't seem right about his stance, he's not holding an edge at all and just letting the board do what it wants flat, sign of a beginner usually. To me looks like a guy learning how to ride like second or third day on the hill. Also agree with there being no reason to be in the middle like that, but if he can't hold an edge he needs to be in the middle otherwise he's hitting a tree, fence, etc.

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    Hooked more than I'd have initially thought.

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    And... you hooked me as well. That boarder was irresponsible. He's skiing (likely in a beginner area) near a beginner. Does he expect the beginner to straight line it down the trail and never turn? A beginner will turn to avoid speed, or even a tiny snowball, that will upset a beginner, but we'd ski right thru.

    On a side note, I love what Sunday River is doing with Sundance, the very beginner area. They are fencing it off, with very limited access. Most skiers take the path of least resistance and take double dipper now, allowing beginners to learn. Sometimes, skiing within 10' of a beginner will upset them or outright scare them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drjeff View Post
    100% the boarder. If you're passing someone ahead of you, the person ahead has the right of way, and it's the person doing the passing responsibility to stay clear of the person they're trying to pass
    Meh schwilly said it bestish. The skier is greener than the trail. Sudden turn looking like they were going the other way, but boarder should've been way clear left.

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