Stratton 3/23/12


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    Camera Stratton 3/23/12

    Late report….mulched the whole yard yesterday…feels like I skied.........
    Anyway, dragged the kid out to Stratton for a rare cameo appearance. Had a great father/son day! Kudos to Stratton for "patching" things up to open Friday. I know Mike was totally in awe we were skiing in this weather. He was lovin’ it!
    Shout out to the Jamaica Market….one stop tailgating needs. Also Jamaica coffee house puts out a great coffee for that ride home.

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    I was there last Saturday and assumed the top of the mountain could hold but thought the bottom would be toasted despite those huge park snow piles. It is amazing to see how torched even the top of the mountain got.
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    I wonder if they plan on putting a tarp over that pile of snow pictured? I believe they've done this in previous years & then had some kind of ski/board event in June.

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    That pile ain't lasting into June this year!! Not unless it's a refridgerated tarp!

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    Great pics Reefer!

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    Nice pictures
    What a season, usually they close with full cover in mid April.

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    Are they golfing at the same time at the local golf resorts? That would be a sight
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