Hunter 3.24 Last Day


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    Hunter 3.24 Last Day

    Hunter 3/24
    Partly sunny early, then clouds, but no rain!

    Hunter pieced together the mountain along the main-line. But for us it was great. We had moguls on every trail and connector. Upper Crossover to Lower Crossover was simply amazing as was Minya to Lower Crossover.

    Cliff was Spectacular with a 20 yard walk across the rocks, but then you could grass ski the next 2 patches into Ike.

    Ike had great lines.

    Hellgate, top to bottom bumps right through 5 fingers.

    Several people shuttled cars to the West Side, but I preferred the bumps on the front.

    For our last run we skied Clif, hiked to Upper Crossover, hiked to Mid Station deck for a beverage, thised to Ike, more berverages with the New Jersey Ski Bums.

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    I was expecting much worse when I got there. Seeing the headwall on K27 totally burned out but plenty of snow on the runout was a change of pace. But overall, I was impressed with the amount of snow left.

    Spent most of the day on Crossover which was the ROTD; awesome bumps top to bottom and well worth the very short walk out. Minya to Lower Xover also very nice. Hellgate to Ike was sweet too. And it was nice to see bumps everywhere. Wish it was like that all the time.

    An early but totally awesome closing day.

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    Next time I'll be there is for TAP...

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