Rope tow speed record!


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    Rope tow speed record!

    ...set at Northeast Slopes 2-19-12, according to their website:

    Land Speed Record on Rope Tow
    On Sunday February 19th four of NES Directors closed the t-bar to public access temporarily while they set out to beat the existing land speed record for a rope tow (12 mph). They measured a 20 foot start up area and 100 yrd timed section, removing the limiter chip to achieve a fast time of 25.5 mph over the timed course and 27.63 mph to the top of the hill. Way to go NES.

    Rope Tow Speed Test - 20ft Start - 100 Yard Timed Section
    Description Distance (ft) Skier Time Ft/s MPH
    Limiter Chip In 300 Wade 12.92 23.22 15.83
    Limiter Chip Out 300 Wade 8.02 37.41 25.50
    Limiter Chip Out 300 Colin 8.27 36.28 24.73
    Limiter Chip Out 300 Genevieve 8.31 36.10 24.61
    Run To Top - No Chip 1200 Colin 29.61 40.53 27.63

    The chart doesn't convert very well to this format so you can see it here:

    They must have had fun doing this. Score one for the "little guys."

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    Holy crap that's fast for gettting dragged uphill.

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    that's faster than most people ski downhill (on average, probably not the AZ crowd)
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    That is very cool. I would love to ski there. I've only been by in the summer and it looks like it has a really nice pitch. Love the ski history!

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    Are their arms still attached to their bodies?
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    Wow..what memories. Ruining ski gloves and coats...avoiding carnage on ride up. My home mountain as a kid only had rope tows, I became an expert lol...probably why I have strong upper body strength now..that thing was fast and you had to hold on for dear life.

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    I read somewhere one of the old tows in the Woodstock Vt area was advertised as a "Speed Tow" and was said to reach 80 miles an hour. 80 sounds absolutely ridiculous, but 30+ doesn't seem to far out of the question.

    I'm sure with the number of ropetows that were out there, some shenanigans probably led to speeds higher then 27MPH

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