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    Quote Originally Posted by WWF-VT View Post
    I think you are confused with your superlatives - Sunday River is home to White Heat - the “longest steepest widest lift-serviced trail in the east"
    I thought the middle of white heat was pretty flat, like superstar?
    "For example, I ski without a helmet and with bindings that basically don't release." - Highway Star

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    I like their cheeseburgers and chili

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highway Star View Post
    I'm a better skier than 99%+ of the people there on any given day, which is a huge boost for my ego.
    I'm taller than 100% of the people in our local kindergarten. It doesn't do much for my ego though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drjeff View Post
    Love the various climates you get to experience at K as one usually heads from the Bear side back over to the Killington Basin side. Too cold off of K1 - head to Bear. Too mushy at Bear, head over to Skye/Killington/Snowdon
    Another reason I like Killington. More than once we were freezing our arses off at Snowdon (especially after riding the slow-mo quad chair a bunch of times) or on K1 we would be socked in by fog and blowing snow so we'd head over to Bear and it would be a totally different mountain!

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    I've only been to Killington twice, but I'll chime in.

    - Parking lot at each of the base lifts.
    - A green trail at the top of each lift. Everybody gets to play.
    2011-2012: Gore - 12/3, Sundown - 1/5, Killington - 1/26, Maple Ski Ridge - 7 visits

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