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    Next time bring an EBT card. I am sure you can use it for booze as well.

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    I pulled a knucklehead move at Loon Saturday.I don't know what I was thinking but I went to the cafe at Governors lodge and picked up a burger plate and bottled soft drink.Checkout time and what...$13 something.Yikes!Glad I sold those 3 vouchers in the parking lot.

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    My only recent recollection of sticker shock at a ski area was getting a couple of slices of pizza at Killington last year. I didn't look at the prices, but slices of pepperoni were like $5.75. With Vermont's excessive meal tax, the bill came to over $12 for 2 somewhat large, but gas station quality slices of pizza.

    Eating in Spruce Camp at Stowe, I honestly don't care what the price is as the the quality is so good; in fact better than most restaurants in town. I look forward to having lunch there every time I visit Stowe.

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    Last time I went to Mad River I bought a hamburger and was surprised not only that it didn't cost that much, but that it was an ACTUAL hamburger, and was served to me on a PLATE with Silverware!!

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    Food Prices

    So glad to hear that folks seem to see value and quality on the food at Mad River Glen. We really pride ourselves on our food and the fact that our burgers in particular are fresh (never frozen) and are ALWAYS cooked to order (huge difference not being under a heat lamp). Mike, our F&B Manager,really gets it and is always trying to lure folks(via quality and/or price) into our on-mountain "eateries". My Dad always told me that a big part of judging a ski area is their burgers (and choclate chip cookies). One of my favorite things about MRG's food service is the fact that we offer real stuff like PB&J sandwichs, hard boiled eggs, jello, etc... Plus ALL of our baked goods are homemade and BIG - REAL BIG! As my Dad also told me years back - NEVER eat anything bigger than your head!

    As an aside I was recently out in Lake Tahoe on a business trip (REALLY!!!) and I was floored by the $9 Budweiser (12 ounces BTW - not even a pounder) - That being said they did have Go-Go dancers in the bar which certainly upped the value quotient!
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    Yeah but did you have to tip the go go dancer also?
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    Adam Smith would simply observe supply and demand. If this is what it takes to stay in business so be it. Recent stats confirm it's a large chunk of revenue it. It doesn't impact the envionment, it brings more local jobs and cash infusion to the local economy. The impact is only on your wallet. Of course, the vocal few on this forum have learned how to deal with this, so it's not really a problem. It is of course very entertaining.

    I used to have the "Cheeseburger Index", tracking the price from mountain. I wanted to see how it tracked inflation rate and ticket prices. I lost interest in doing this a long time ago.
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    One place I didn't mind buying food at so much was Ragged Mountain. Prices didn't seem all that sky high. I would buy a small pizza to supplement our meals every now and then. Not the whole meal, but just a little something hot on the coldest of days.
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    MRG man, I was also loving the Advil in the food line - I took advantage of it!

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    The Burgers and chili at K are pretty damn good. It's not priced so high that I freak out about it, but I was pissed when they took away the pass-holders discount, think it was 10% ? But I certainly wouldn't brown bag it based on the price, they're entitled to make a profit on food. It's no different than going to an amusement park or attraction or zoo or whatever.

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