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  1. #1121 every time I see NY Legalization is finally close I hope
    I believe it when I see it
    By the way I been sober from any type of drug since October 2017
    Life been a rollercoaster for me.
    I now l in sober place which is great price for rent
    I hoped it become legal yesterday for everyone
    Waiting to close this thread when fully legalized in every state and federal government

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    Masschutes rules��������

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    I do support marijuana legalization for medical purposes. A good friend of mine has been using CBD oil for about a month now and has not had any auras at all and he has not seized since then. Some other benefits is that he had drastically improved his mood swings and he feels much more energized. I have read here that people cured themselves completely from seizures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottySkis View Post
    Masschutes rules��������
    I've been the the dispensary a few times there... Pretty sweet...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funky_Catskills View Post
    I've been the the dispensary a few times there... Pretty sweet...
    I remember being in LA thinking they got skiing in norcal

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    FILE - In this April 12, 2018 file photo, nugs of marijuana await packaging at the Hollingsworth Cannabis Company near Shelton, Wash. Michigan clears a threshold Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018, as the first state in the Midwest to allow marijuana for more than just medical purposes. In the Nov. 6 election, voters by a wide margin endorsed recreation
    al use by adults who are at least 21. (AP
    I think it be fully everywhere before the year 2525

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    Bumping this for half of AZ people from today posts should try Mary lol

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