Your 2011 / 2012 Ski Season Recap


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    Your 2011 / 2012 Ski Season Recap

    Now that lift served skiing is over ... how did your season go? Did you finish strong?

    Days, quality, etc.
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    Not the most blah, but still...blah.

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    I typically write up a lengthy post in these threads about where I skied and several notably great days. This year was so blah that I'll keep it short.

    Didn't ski enough and the skiing I did do wasn't very good.

    Had some good days, but they were few and far between. Lots of time spent cruising groomers. Glad I bought skis last summer specifically designed for those conditions. Only major positive I can take away from the season is I was in the best shape I've been in for skiing in over ten years.
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    took so long to get into it that it seemed even shorter then it actually was, if that is possible. Got a bunch of days in NH with my kids which was great. Both my 6 and 8 yo skied off the top of loon. that was pretty cool. they even made me take them down blues as the family run from the top bored them. Other then that a decent day at magic, a great spring day at killington which ended up being my last and a few great days on gunny were about it.

    too many groomers not enough bumps and trees.

    next year!

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    Got in 28 days (most ever was 29 days).
    I thought the skiing was quite good for one of the warmest, snowless - non-winters in history.
    Areas did really good job at snowmaking.
    Only downside was - no skiing in April at all this year. Hunter Mtn. did not go into April for like the first time ever. (would have hit Killington once in April, but didn't want to spend that much on gas... plus quite a haul for a day trip - 4.5 hours one way).

    23 = Greek Peak (seasons pass)
    3 = Elk Mountain (PA)
    1 = Plattekill
    1 = Camelback (PA)

    Dec. = 2 days
    Jan. = 5 days
    Feb. = 8 days
    March = 13 days (last day - March 22 @ Elk Mtn)

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    I had some good days, but the season felt really short.

    I usually don't buy a season's pass, but this year I did, for both Wachusett and Boyne. The Wachusett pass was well worth it, and I got in a lot of night skiing. The Boyne pass was a loss, and it would have been cheaper to pay for the few days I got up there. With conditions so bad, the stoke meter didn't get high enough to drive long distances.

    Best day: A surprise powder day (6" or so) at Sunday River. The River is a lot more fun than I expected, so I hope to get up there more often.

    Worst day: Sitting at the base of Sugarloaf for half a day while everything was on wind hold.

    No trips out west this year for me. The rest of the family isn't that into it anymore, and conditions seemed sub par.

    My goal this year was to get better at skiing bumps. I did get a lot better at making shorter turns, but only made a little progress on the bumps. Unfortunately there were only a couple days where I found bumps soft enough for me to practice on.

    My skis took quite a beating this season. Lots of rocks mixed in the thin cover left some deep scratches and dinged edges. I'll need a major tune up for next season.

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    Certainly not up to expectations, BUT that said the 15 days i got out were all decent Conditions thanx to having retirement flexibility to go anytime .So THIS season was more about opting for Quality rather than Quantity .

    We took our trips to Tremblant but bagged a few other extended excursions due to weather or should i say lack of it .

    All in all it was OK but certainly the most bizzarre weather season in the almost 40 yrs i've been skiing -----Next yr will be better
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    Not a bad year. Only skied 28 days which is below my average but had some quality skiing. Lot's of groomers for sure with limited natural terrain early on but a good amount of bumps this spring. I seemed to be lucky with my timing catching quite a few days where they picked up a couple of few inches overnight. Seemed to be able to avoid the warm rainy days I didn't really get hit with the warm weather till March. I really enjoyed the spring skiing this year catching quite a few days where I was able to ski with just a fleece & about 4-5 days skiing in just a shirt. It's been a few years since I was able to ski in such great weather. I only had one serious powder day. I think it was Feb 29 where K picked up about a foot & a half of quality powder snow. It was a Thurs & the place wasn't crowded allowing me to break fresh tracks for several runs on wide open terrain. Everyone seemed to be heading for the trees leaving the open slopes for me, I thank them for that. Everyone showed up on Fri but they were a day late & a dollar short. Skied Sugarbush & Stowe quite a few days this year & a couple days at other VT. areas. Didn't get to NH, ME or Quebec this year but that was probably because of the lack of natural snow. Didn't go out west this year either for the same reason. Last day for me was Sat. April 21. It wasn't the best season but for me it wasn't bad either. I'll take it but always hope for better.
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    Lift-served may be over but the hiking for turns season is in full swing. I'll reserve my final recap after I say it's over (hopefully, in Tux in June). However, I'm at 31 days so far and, because of spectacular timing and luck, this will probably go down as one of my most powder-filled seasons ever (both east and west). Effin' amazin' so far!
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    Not a long season but actually a rather good one!

    Less than 20 days (too lazy to count exactly), which is a bit on the low side. But that's partly had to do with my being rather choosy, only going when condition were semi-decent. So, despite the low number of days, many of them were pretty good ones.

    The best part is getting quite a few powder days on my trips out west: 2 days at Utah and 3/4 at Tahoe! Finding an untouched powder stash at Bretton Wood when most people were staying home thinking there's no enough snow doesn't hurt either.

    The only real downer of the season is I didn't get ANY x-c skiing in near home. I joined Mohonk Preserve midway through the previous season. I thought I'd get some days in this season since the membership were good till Feb. Nope, not even 1 day they had decent snow. Good thing I got to ski my legs out the previous one.

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