Waldo SF 5-7-12


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Thread: Waldo SF 5-7-12

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    Waldo SF 5-7-12

    Rolled Wado SF this afternoon with my son John. First 100 yards into the ride I twisted my deraileur on a rock pile. Spent the next half hour bending it back into shape ..Didnt look pretty but managed to log around 5 miles. Love the way that place rides!!

    John on the new Log


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    Nice Steveo!!

    Haven't been yet this year but like what Waldo has to offer. Great place to ride on a hot day because you can stop for a dip in the lake to cool off.
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    Nice, I haven't been in a few years, since they had just started working on putting trails in. Gotta get back to check it out this year!

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    Paula has done a great job up there...Few new log rides..Heard there is gonna be some expansion there too..Parking is a big issue though


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