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    Yes - Drummer...
    Not at the caliber of "School of Rock" and never jammed with those famous guys but I hold my own..

    Next shows for me - Medeski Martin and Wood!!! 3 straight nights!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattm59 View Post
    I noticed my calves were real sore after severe repetitious vertical gesticulations at Iron Maiden, Primus, and especially a severe case of the bouncy wouncys when Zappa went into Camarillo Brillo. This may be good training for the climbing I have planned.....I remember losing 10 pounds at the GD shows back in the '70's-early 80's, but these days I actually remember to eat.

    Drummer, eh? My kids a drummer, played the school of rock stage last year. Quit the band after 3 years (Remnants) who were on opposite Zappa this year. He got to play with some famous and semi-famous folks, Marty Brennan from Jefferson Airplane, Thomas Hooker Handley, and Dave the guitarist from Shakedown.
    Hoping he gets into it again, but with a band that lets him get enthused.
    wow looks like your son has some great taste in music.

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    http://www.atpfestival.com/events/ib...012/lineup.php this looking like another one in NYC that i like to check out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mpdsnowman View Post
    lol were starting to get the equipment now ;lol

    so far Ive done two godsmack shows, some desperate rain festival. Me and my sons are stagehands and now the bands are lining up for the Summer time. We know we have lady antebellum and sugarland coming up soon along with a kenny logins date thrown in.

    I like country music people, they all get along well.
    +2. Any tix for LA or Sugarland? Stupid me just saw this post.
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    yup there overseas now....Just got back from Harborfest. Awesome time. Great bands. Everything from Jazz and blues to tribute bands and blue sky riders were the headliners.

    Theres some really great music going on out there....big or small there all rockin...

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    couple more coming up

    recently got Umphreys McGee Tix for the Calvin theatre for 11-1. Got front row, balcony and at last look it seems great seats were still available.
    Big news for moi was Primus coming out with 3D visuals and surround "Uber schmancy" sound . I tried presale for Boston but was turned away, so I got 6th row in Providence 10-21 . Presale sold out in minutes it seemed,Boston/Providence/poughkeepsie, but regular release should be soon. Check Primusville.com for info.

    I seem to be in a rut lately...Primus/Umphreys/Janes...but until that wears thin I'll consider myself quite happy

    This year has been Brit Floyd/Umphreys/Janes/Zappa/Primus/Janes/Cooper/Maiden/BOC/Primus/Umphreys with sainthood achieved by standing through Mickey Hart and Strangefolk without yawning too awfully much....

    Sold my boat, kid quit the band,I no longer roadie, and we're seeing SOME SHOWS!

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    I'll be looking for little people Wednesday night! ABB

    I lift things up and put them down.

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    Umphrey's tonight at Full Moon resort in Big Indian NY...
    Same place as the music camp I go to for Medeski Martin and Wood...

    Stokey mc-stoke stoke...

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    http://www.globalfestival.com/ lots of great music acts playing here in Central Park NYC.

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    http://www.brooklynbowl.com/event/13...m_medium=13287 hippie jams all day at my favorite place to hear music in NYC all day today.

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