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Thread: Taos

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    Anybody have any experience with Taos. I got offered a pretty much free trip in Feb....annual snow fall looks to be like VT at around 300 inches but the terrain looks insane!

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    I skied Taos when I was in high school ... .I think it was either 1998 or 1999. I have a few pics around. I remember it being really great; but it was so long ago I don't have that many specifics.
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    One of my top five all time favorite mountains. The terrain is out of this world, its just not as big as Snowbird or JHole so has a little less clout.

    Taos might average 300, but Id be willing to bet its standard deviation is out of this world. Some years they get pummelled, some years they get nothing, and average 300. Keep that in mind with Taos.
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    This has been one of my bucket list hills for a long time.

    My oldest goes off to college next month, maybe I'll get out there soon.

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    The terrain does look great!
    It seems, however, that there's a large amount of the mountain that is either Green or Black with very little Blue [not that that is a bad thing necessarily] but it makes it seem like a really easy going resort or a challenging one.
    I would love this, might have to look into finding a way out there...

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    I would've been signed up at the "pretty much free" part. even if it's not a good snow year, you haven't hardly inveted anything into the trip. I say do it. If the conditions suck, you can use it as a "recon" trip and then you have to go back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALLSKIING View Post
    Anybody have any experience with Taos. I got offered a pretty much free trip in Feb....annual snow fall looks to be like VT at around 300 inches but the terrain looks insane!
    Predictions I've heard call for a weak El Nino which I believe to be beneficial to snowfall in the Southwest. Should be a good year to go out there.


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    I've gotten Taos on an El Nino and it was off the hook.February would be a good time to go there as it can take a bit for the base to build up. Taos with a deep base is incredible, the steep stuff needs some big storm cycles to fill in. It is very steep and the bumps are huge.

    Ski Santa Fe is worth a day trip. Also i had a fun mini pow day at Pajarito

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    Went to Taos last winter, after 3 runs i wanted to leave, forced myself to ski till 3, i have no interest in going back, it may have some sick steep terrain, but a lot of places do, it was an incredibly weird atmosphere, hard to explain, if its free, go you;ll see. The day after i skied Wolf Creek, not steep, but Sick pow everywhere
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