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AFAIK they do on the Gondola. If the reason you ask is to catch a ride up on the East side and then ski Tear Drop etc. down to Underhill for your girlfriend to pick you up, I doubt you'd take advantage of it more than once. I've never done Tear Drop or other shots off the west side, but had friends in college who would skin the west side and do those trails. IIRC it was about 2-2.5 hour skin up from Underhill. It's about an hour and fifteen minute ride from Underhill to the Stowe Gondola during winter. From the top of the Gondola it's about a 40 minute hike to the Chin to access those same backside trails. Even if the one up pass was really cheap (I doubt it is, I recall it being $9 12 years ago) just in ascent time savings (never mind fuel and ticket expense), you'd spend 2.5 hours in a car plus a 40 minute hike from the top of the gondola and only save about 2 hours hike/skin time if you were just head up from the Underhill on skins.
Thanks for the info. The logistics of making a run on the teardrop via a single ride on the chair/gondola are less of an issue for me than you might think but you have valid points. I guess it all depends on how much fun those trails on the west side of Mansfield are.

I have a feeling they don't do the single ride lift tickets any more. Jay stopped doing it too but for reasons of their own. Now I hike from rt. 242 up the long trail.