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They do. They just don't sell it in the United States. You can still buy one in Japan, Australia, and Europe.
Here's the Brit Subaru Legacy link. They don't even sell the sedan there.

Even more annoying, in the UK, you can get it with a 2.0L turbodiesel boxer that puts out a healthy 258 foot-pounds of torque with 55 mpg highway. It's only 150 hp so 0-60 won't exactly snap your neck back but it will do fine climbing hills and accelerating up on-ramps.
kinda like how Mazda offers a 6 wagon in Australia and it's one of the better selling vehicles in that country.

Somebody really needs to come up with an affordable import company to bring car models that are available in other countries here to the States. I really have a hard time believing that the vehicles available overseas are built to emission and safety standards that are that much different than here in the USA.

In the UK and Japan you can get a manual transmission AWD diesel Mazda CX-5. I'd buy that car tomorrow if it was available to me here. You can't even get a manual transmission AWD gas model here. that blows