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    Quote Originally Posted by Skimaine View Post
    Pulled the trigger on the Blizzard Magnum 8.0 ti.
    That was one of my fav's at last year's demos... stout but not punishingly so. Nice choice!

    insert non-sequitur here

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    2004 WorldCup Fischers, so light and they have so mush snap to themm so far great for rec. and back country.

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    What skis/snowboards do you hold in your quiver?

    That I'll definitely use this year:

    Volkl Kendos 170
    K2 Hardsides 174

    I can't see using my Legend 8000s again but I have a soft spot for my ugly K2 Public Enemies. They are crazy fun for slush and powder.

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    Volkl Mantra 177, last season's with the new tip rocker
    K2 SETH'd 190
    Fischer Watea 94

    I find the Mantras don't carve the way I expected them to, but they're great in choppy cut up snow that's not yet bumps. And they're a bit of work in deep, tight bumps.
    I bought the SETHed's a year ago and they have zero runs on them.
    The Wateas became beaters after some major edge damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SUV Steve View Post
    That was one of my fav's at last year's demos... stout but not punishingly so. Nice choice!
    Agreed. Good description of the Blizzard Mag 8.0. Good hard snow grip, but still lively. Also has enough early rise to make light chop manageable.

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    I have a few but really only 3 i ever use.

    Atomic SL 11 Racestock I think 59 under foot for days when the softest snow you find is EC hardpack
    Nordica Hot rod Jet Fuel 78 underfoot normal conditions
    Moment Ruby 110 underfoot for soft snow

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    Quote Originally Posted by ERJ-145CA View Post
    Fischer Watea 78 (2009) - 167 cm
    Fischer Watea 78 (2010) - 174 cm

    I liked the 167s so much but I wanted longer so the next season I got the 174s. Now my 167s are my early and late season skis.
    This season's Watea's longitudinal flex is nice for the daily driver/carver. Only got a chance to see/hold some 88s, but even they seemed pretty capable for inbounds. Also got a good look/feel of the S7 and a few others that look promising for off-resort.
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    My quiver.. (minus the salomons)


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    I've got 2 rides right now.
    Capita NAS 159 - My freeride charging board. Setup with Rome Arsenal Bindings. It's a little on the stiffer side holds a great line and halls azz.

    Nitro T2 - 157 - I think it's a 2006 or 2007 regular camber twin tip, soft board super fun and playful. Don't really ride it much other than early/late season. Kinda beat up but still has some life left in it.

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