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    some of the bumpers at blue started riding the blizzard latigos and are loving them
    Have to check em out . As fate would have I broke my ski the day After Demo day at Blue ....
    I'm good for a little bit, Dead Head Skier sent me his old pair of B'2s ...keeping the Dukes .
    Was thinking about the bindings being the breakage cause but after post mortem and looking at the minimal wear on the mounting plates. I think they flex enough not to stress on the ski .
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    she has us all beat.

    Why Mikaela Shiffrin Brought 35 Pairs of Skis to the Olympics
    shit happens, wear a helmet.

    Breck - 12.26 12.27 1.4 1.26 2.17
    Keystone - 1.12
    Monarch - 2.1
    Taos - 3.7

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