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    I know this comes up every freaking year, but two words: Pico Interconnect

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    Quote Originally Posted by skiersleft View Post
    Thanks for being so forthcoming in your interviews. Very refreshing.

    What are your plans for the interconnect? Any chance we see this happen within the next five years?

    The response from last year

    Chris Nyberg: I have a plan for the Interconnect of Killington and Pico and its sensible for all good reasons cited by Highway Star. As I have stated many times before, its our intent to connect the two mountains, but not in the first five years of our new ownership.
    This decision has been made because we have many projects that needed to be completed before the Interconnect. For example, the Skye Peak Express Quad, major snowmaking pipes needed to be replaced, upgrading the Peak Facility, etc. As many of you know, the prior owner struggled financially in their later years and a number of capital upgrades and improvements did not get done that certainly should have. To date we have spent over $20 million in capital improvements and sadly not much of this money was for anything sexy, besides Skye Peak express.
    We are getting closer to finishing these projects with the replacement of the Snowdon Quad in the headlights. Please keep in mind, our focus is on the quality of experience that our guests have at Killington and Pico, so we will improve lodges, trails, snowmaking and lift infrastructures so when we Interconnect, we can safely handle the additional visitation. Timing for the Interconnect and the Village is in the playbook.
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    Quote Originally Posted by steamboat1 View Post
    * Is replacement of the Snowdon fixed grip quad for a HSQ still on schedule for next year?

    * Are you still planning on using the Snowdon fixed grip quad to replace the South Ridge chair & if so when do you think this will happen?
    Quote Originally Posted by Smellytele View Post
    To add to this - if a chair is put in place on the south ridge any chance it could go to the top of killington peak? Well high enough to get to the new peak lodge being built?
    The response from last year

    Snowdon Quad is certainly the next lift on the replacement list. As stated earlier, there have been numerous items that we needed to address prior to updating this lift. The Snowdon Quad will not be replaced next summer, our capital funds will be tied up in finishing the new Peak Facility. We certainly hope to replace this lift in the next several years with a high speed quad. We have no plans to run a second lift to the peak. Eventually, the replacement for the South Ridge Triple will terminate at the same location. There is no viable unloading point at the Peak for an additional lift.
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    * The Sunrise Triple use to extend all the way down to US-100, but it was shortened in the mid 90's, with the previous owners stating that low snowfall due to lower elevation, and lower skier volume was the reasoning behind the truncation. The original reasoning behind opening up sunrise was to expand southeast towards parker's gore, but this was put on hold because this area was believed to be a bear habitat. Is there any plan to re-open sunrise, or build in parker's gore? I could see a benefit in real-estate in that area if the economy turns around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skiNEwhere View Post
    Is there any plan to re-open sunrise, or build in parker's gore? I could see a benefit in real-estate in that area if the economy turns around.
    Just to note, while they can reopen Sunrise any time they want, they traded the land in Parker's Gore for the Interconnect land, so that's no longer a realistic possibility.

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    My question about the Interconnect, is whether the new inbound lift would go to the top of Ramshead, putting those trails back into service?

    (With Vermont's trend of warmer winters for the last 20 years, lower Sunrise would be an extravagance. They'd get perhaps 2 good months out of it every year. The Interconnect would have SO much more bang for the buck.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    Haha, no way will you get an answer to that this quickly.

    My question is on the Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge - the new vision that was recently laid out mentions a return of the BMMC. Last year, the event was cancelled for the first time in 31 years. The general reasoning given was that it had to do with state laws and regulation. With that said; what do you envision the BMMC to look like this year - given the constraints that state law provides?
    To add to this: Will the BMMC happen end of March/early April like most recent years or return to the old schedule of mid April?

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    With the dew tour not being held on bear this year, how have your plans changed on when and where snowmaking will be handled this year? Will some of the trails that were forgotten last year like DF get some love this year?

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    Are there any plans to add more summer activities to the mountain such as a zip line, mountain coaster, water slide or bungee jumping etc. to attract more people to the mountain during the off season?

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    my question is about Killington's little sister down the road, Pico: what are the operational/snowmaking plans for the 2012/2013 season and beyond? True, last year mother nature didnt supply a ton of natural, but Pico really lacked in firing up the hurt to come over the ridge on the Summit chair, look across and see K under a full gun assault when there wasn't 1 gun firing at Pico. We are season pass holders, drive 4.5-5 hrs every weekend from mid December to the end of March as my girls race for Pico. Hopefully Urrl will reap this year, but if not, will Pico step up? also, why not mow Exhibition? thats the first trail you see, make look nice...thanks

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