Your favorite weather apps on iPhone or Android


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    Your favorite weather apps on iPhone or Android

    Any preferences? Looking for some suggestions, been using the Weather Channel one for a while but I'm not overly impressed with it.

    Where's the Snowforecast app???

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    I use the Weather Channel app for Android for day-to-day weather, though I have Fancy Widgets on my homescreen to give me a quick graphic (cloud, sun, moon, etc.) plus the temp and my location via Accuweather.

    For snow reports I have Ski & Snow Report and Ski Report from OnTheSnow. I like Ski & Snow Report for the alerts and maps features - links directly to the resort's website trail map to view open trails. Hard to see sometimes on a small screen, but useful if you're not going to a familiar ski area.

    Now, if you could time an alert to before the snow came, like "fake sick at the office this afternoon," that would be something...
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    I like Wunderground for iPhone. Not sure if they have it for Android. You can choose from multiple local weather stations. Forecasts tend to be pretty accurate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    Where's the Snowforecast app???
    I know...I'm anxious too. We would've had it out by now with the relaunched site....buuuuuut, since we decided to retool the entire site again, the app will be based on that code instead. As far as I know, should be early Dec.

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    i use weather channel/wunderground and noaa apps an then try to figure out my own weather based on the different info.

    as of now im expecting rain /1 inch/and or 3 to 5

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