Ways US people might be driving and getting around


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    Ways US people might be driving and getting around

    http://www.cnn.com/2012/11/27/travel...html?hpt=hp_c1 I like this to happen sooner then 10 years from now.

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    I think we're already there on the cars thing. Most of the cars I see on the highway might as well be driverless.
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    My son says he's gonna start building one soon.

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    A lot of this is total crap:
    "It's the unbundling of services," said airline analyst Mike Miller. "Passengers are choosing the airlines that have the most fees, most often. These carriers are the most profitable and the most full."
    The most successful large airline in the United States is Southwest. They have no fees for reservation changes or checked bags. They're #1 in domestic service and overall #3 just barely behind perpetually struggling United and Delta. That cheap seat on those other carriers doesn't look so cheap when there's a $150 change fee. I used to be Chairman's Preferred on US Airways and Premier Exec on United. I now fly Southwest for business because of the ease of changing flights and the total absence of caustic and disgruntled employees.

    Rail is something of a joke. Amtrack: 31 million passengers Airlines: almost 1 billion passengers. As much as I'd like to be able to take a train from Providence to Philly, the 6+ hour train ride makes that impossible for business travel and the Northeast corridor won't be a sustained 150 mph line in my lifetime.

    The "new, hyper-efficient airplane" is also a myth. A 787 is only 20% more fuel-efficient than a 767. Airlines aren't going to retire their 767 fleets for that. The way airlines become profitable is to fly with an ass in every seat. They cancel any routes that don't have very high load factors and cram us all on 100% full airplanes.

    I'd love to have a self-driving car. I can't wait for that technology. I'll be able to drink all I want at the bar. When I'm old, I'll still be able to live at home and use my electronic chauffeur.

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    Re: Ways US people might be driving and getting around

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    Rail is a joke I agree with that my bus is quicker then the train from 60 miles away from the NYC.

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