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    Looks awesome ^ We were planning a pond hockey game on Saturday, but skiing gets priority in a low snow year! There's a pond right near my house, it skated awesome yesterday.

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    What pond Buckingham or Washington Park?

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    Quote Originally Posted by madriverjack View Post
    What pond Buckingham or Washington Park?
    Buckingham. It's a good spot when the ice is good. There's a conservancy that plows it with an ATV, but usually plows when it's too warm and leaves tire tracks in the ice. I heard someone just fell through a few days ago, so they closed the pond for a bit, but the guy fell through at the swamp end by the drain. Going to ruin in for everyone.

    You have a real nice pond at the Crossings in Colonie/Latham. We used to sneak in there at night to play shinny since they don't allow stick and pucks during the day skates. Absolutely insane seeing how big that pond is, they could easily rope off an area for hockey. I remember the last time we went, there were "Thin Ice - No Skating" signs up, however the ice must have been 8" thick, people in this area know nothing about ice.. It was always cool seeing the carp fish under the ice there. There's thousands of them.

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    I live 2 seconds from the crossings and they still have the closed sign up for skating. I grew up playing hockey at both Buckingham and Washington Park and had alot of good games there. What pond were you talking about? I lived in Albany(Whitehall Rd.) most of my life so I know the area. Happy Birthday

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    Thanks for the birthday vibes! I skate at Buckingham pond, I live right off of Western in that neighborhood, so I can just walk down with my stick and skates. I have skated at Washington Park, and am planning to poach the Crossings soon since the ice is usually really great there. That's insane that it's still closed. The ice at Buckingham was 6"+ thick. I imagine it's similar in Latham. Plenty safe in my opinion.

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    My fraternity got in some pond hockey in New Brunswick. Great time!
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    Pond hockey is one of those things from childhood that I miss most.
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    I just loved skating on wide open expanses. Didn't even have to be hockey necessarily
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    I just loved skating on wide open expanses. Didn't even have to be hockey necessarily
    A few years back my wife and I were visiting with an old farmer from Lyme CT. He was telling us about skating across the CT river too essex to go to school bcak in the 20s and 30s. He said that he and some friends would skate north on the CT river for miles, even past the East Haddam bridge. He said once they almost made it to Middletown but the skate home took a long time. From his area that would be 15 miles one way. The river never freezes like that anymore, the Coast Guard keeps a channel open for the tugs now.
    He also would drive his old Model T up and down the frozen river. The river here is tidal so that's be scary at low tide wouldn't it?

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