Shinny/Pond Hockey


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    Shinny/Pond Hockey

    That time of the year is getting close. I'll take a pond over a rink any day. Brings me back to my roots. The shoveling and hand resurfacing, the smell, the sound..nothing better in the world to me. Planning on getting into the New England Classic Pond Hockey Tourney this year, anyone else skate outside in the winter?

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    Too bad my towns pond is off limits to skate now since they are afraid of getting sued. Such crap. Skated on that pond for 25 years and then boom. No go. Broke ass town would threaten with tickets and i have property on the lake! Still furious.

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    I wait for the day we can skate for a mile....

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    Re: Shinny/Pond Hockey

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    Not on ice but in long island I use to use the tennis courts on weekends for many hours of awesome rollerblading hockey.

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    As a kid we used to get in 30-45 days per year. We'd contantly check the condition of the surface at various local ponds.We knew what ponds froze first etc. We'd plow any snow off, even got the fire depertment to flood it a few times. We'd build our own goals. Nothing was formal but each kid had something to do; provide firewood for the fire, extra hockey pucks, extra sticks etc. We would challenge other nearby towns to competitions. What memories!

    I remember several hundred people coming to nearby ponds for weekend skating, iut seemed like the whole town was there.
    I tried to get my nephew interested in doing this but the ponds just don't seem to freeze as much as 25-30 years ago. Maybe they still do I'm not sure? One thing I am sure of is I almost never see kids skating on local ponds any more here in south central CT.

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    Shinny/Pond Hockey

    I love out here how I'll get kicked off the ponds for being too thin. To the Colonie, NY police..8" thick ice could hold a truck. I won't go through. I can't stand this liability crap. Just put up a sign saying "skate at your own risk".

    I miss Mass. winters. Shinny all day/night. An old couple had a house with a sweet pond on their property. Lucky for us this couple went to FLA every winter and had no nosey neighbors. We ran like 200ft of lead cord to the nearest outlet to run the sump pump. Some of the best ice I've ever skated on was on that pond. Wonder if the old couple ever found out what we were doing. We were pretty good about cleaning up beer cans and such..

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    perfect timing for this thread, I just took this picture this morning anxiously waiting for the lake to freeze...
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    Shinny/Pond Hockey

    ^ Looking good!

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    Re: Shinny/Pond Hockey

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick26 View Post
    perfect timing for this thread, I just took this picture this morning anxiously waiting for the lake to freeze...
    Is that Lincoln?

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    Man! This really is perfect ice. I live for days like that. Black ice, blue sky and full freedom of skating in any way you please. Skating on a public rink simply doesn't compare.
    Too bad that these black ice days are so rare. All it takes is just a little snowfall ot rain to mess up the ice. My favorite pond is Ponkapoag in the Blue Hills (Randolf, MA). It's shallow enough so it forms ice fairly quickly. But between rain or snow or freeze thaw cycles that we've had d
    during the recent winters, it's tough to catch good ice.
    Live for today

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