Blues on the Bridge


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    Blues on the Bridge

    Paddled down to the confluence of the Susquehanna and Chenango to take in Blues on the Bridge. Pretty cool, numerous local bands for free. Perfect weather, don't know the names of the bands, but some youngsters did Neal Young's, Cowgirl in the Sand justice.

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    Looks like a great time Cornhead. Love Cowgirl in the Sand!

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    The stage was set up directly under the traffic lights. The lights continued to function despite the lack of traffic, cool "light show". I saw only a couple bands, I couldn't resist walking over to the Y for a steam and a 45 minute swim. It was a full day, 13 mile paddle, about 1 mile swim. I've been pretty active lately, all I need to do is the hard part, stop eating.

    Oh yeah, the pulled pork sandwich from the food truck was pretty good. The fried pickles would've been a lot better if they were bread and butter cut instead of spears. Molten spears weren't too easy to eat. I think the other cut would cool to an edible heat quicker. Tasted good though.
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    I found out today why the band playing Cowgirl in the Sand was so good, headed by Randy McStine, a local guitar prodigy, been playing in bars since 12, now 24.
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    Almost went to that

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