Saddleback Pro's con's..... What about Casablanca Glades????


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    Question Saddleback Pro's con's..... What about Casablanca Glades????

    Ok I am planning a Maine trip that will hit up two or three stops.. Saddleback will be one of them mostlikley since I will have a free lift ticket from joining a skiing group to get some other discounts.. Details on Saddleback please??? and what about the casablanca glades there???

    Now the trip not sure when but most likley Feb. Planning

    Sunday river and Sugarloaf with Saddle on Sat since their free ticket is good sat then I think. The Sunday river and Sugarloaf can be either Friday or Sunday for each since I have 2 for 1 for both on both Friday and Sunday they are interchangable. What order would be best if it matters at all?
    Thanks for the input ahead of time.... Muhahhahah to the trees and trails we go

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    Casablanca glades are awesome. When the snow is on you won't ski the same line twice. Check out my blog, URL in my signature, all kinds of saddleback info there.

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    Saddleback is awesome with great terrain variety, a great vibe, plenty of expert terrain, and reasonable prices. If there is a slight chance you would go to Saddleback more than one day, use the free ticket on Saturday since tickets are $59 on Saturdays, but only $49 the other six days of the week.

    While the "Kennebago Steeps" are fun: is also fun to go down to Cupsuptic T-Bar and do a couple of narrow windy runs there, Golden Smelt being notable.

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    The biggest con with Saddleback is the lifts, particular the Rangeley double is slow and prone to backing up. Saddleback is also facing Northwest and when the winds are blowing it's painful and I've seen both the Kennebago and Rangeley chairs on holds but not at same time. The steeps are off its own chair but several are natural snow and that fierce wind can make for some interesting snow on those trails. Cassablanca glades are fun with 4 different sections. Entrance D is the most open. They seem to hold pockets of snow for a while.

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    Saddleback is a great mtn.....Casa is wonderful...lot of blow in snow off the main face trails makes for good conditions all season long.
    Other good glades you should look at are Thrombosis, Intimidator, and Dark Wizard.

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    I'm heading up on feb. 7th, it will be my first time at saddleback too. Iv'e heard a lot of good things about the mountain, can't wait. Then heading to the loaf for the summit. Pray for more snow!

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    Glad to hear the amount of interest in Saddleback...although unfortunately every year it is becoming less and less of a "hidden" gem.

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