Mohawk Trail Slides (near Berkshire East) 1/4/12


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    Camera Mohawk Trail Slides (near Berkshire East) 1/4/12

    A trip report from a set of slides near Berkshire East. Irene didn't just leave her mark in the Daks.

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    Nice! Good to hear about locations in western Mass.

    I don't do much backcountry but I am saving the main slide between the cliffs at the summit of Mt. Tom for later in the spring.

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    Outstanding! Great find.....

    bdfreetuna - I used to live in Easthampton and would look at that slide on Mt. Tom weekly. Takes just the right conditions to ski. I haven't skied it but did head up there one fall and its basically made up of large loose scree and really would take a solid base to cover all that and then it certainly is steep enough to slide so the solid base layer you need to cover the rocks also makes for a perfect sliding surface. Just my two cents but doable given the right conditions.

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    Hey, BEast, yeah I actually scoped it out as well as a few of the other gullies up there a couple months ago before the snow. Seems like the main slide is the only one that doesn't have massive rocks or an insane drop-in.

    Probably going to wait 'till spring when hopefully there will be a decent base and the snow will be soft but also more stuck to the surface.

    It's too tempting not to attempt

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