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    It's approximately 5 hrs. to Killington from where I live in Bklyn. I used to drive it 2-3 weekends every month during ski season for years. Now I mostly ski mid-week & ski more than 2 days when I'm there. I try to go every other week during the season. Once I'm there I'll drive 2 hrs to ski places like Stowe or Smuggs for a day trip & often ski Sugarbush, MRG to the north or Stratton, Bromley, Magic to the south which is about an hour drive from my place in VT. Okemo or Middlebury is about 45 minutes drive. I haven't done day trips in years from Bklyn but have driven to K for a day trip once. Most often day trips were to the Catskills which is usually close to 3 hours. The longest drive I ever did was about 10 1/2 hours driving straight home from Quebec City. Usually when I go up to QC we stop in VT. for a day or two on the way up & on the way back. I've done Sugarloaf/Saddleback numerous times which is about 8 hours but I'm usually there for a week. Northern NH is about 7 hours from Bklyn & about 2 hours from my place in VT. I really don't mind driving around as long as the roads are dry.

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    Re: Who drives the farthest/longest to ski every weekend?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scotty View Post
    My roommates dogs can't go 20 minutes in the car with out getting very car sick, how do you get them to go 4 hours?

    My mother and sister deal with this all the time. Both my Mom's cat and my sister's dog don't do very well which requires at least 3 cleanup stops per trip extending the ride almost an hour. Both have gotten better over time. The cat used to be given pills and he was still a nightmare while now at least he doesnt need meds and gets sick less. Im just glad I dont have to deal with it.

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    I wish I could go every weekend. I usually go away 3 to 5 times each winter. 3.5 to 5 hours from Boston to Stowe, Sunday River. Loon is closer..a bit more crowded.

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    Most years I try to take a ski trip out west. Vail is my favorite place to go for skiing and nightlife.

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    From NJ my usual one way trip is a bit over 2 hrs to the Cats. Once or so a year I'll do something like a 3:45 day trip to Gore. Sugarbush is 5.5 hrs so that's a once/year weekend trip (not much different than Utah). Even 2 hrs starts to get old after several weeks in a row. On a weekend like the upcoming (freeze after rain), taking the kids to the mighty Shawnee in the Poconos at a few minutes under 1 hr is an easy choice.

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    We are driving from Boston to Sugarloaf this weekend for the AlpineZone summit. It looks like the drive will be about 4 1/2 hours. The farthest I generally have driven is to Smuggler's Notch in Vermont. It takes about 5 hours to get there.

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    Newport RI to Mount Washington Valley every weekend. 3:45 minimum if we hit everything perfect, but usually 4.5 hours or more since we have to wait for the kid to get out of school on Friday, then hit rush hour in Boston and Portsmouth. Drive up is longer than the drive home on Sunday night, but after a full day of skiing on Sunday, I'm sucking wind heading home.

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    2 hours each way, but I only do day trips.

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    A crazy 11 minutes to the mtn (14 if I go up to the mid-lodge). It really sucks if I forget my boots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bostonskigirl View Post
    The farthest I generally have driven is to Smuggler's Notch in Vermont. It takes about 5 hours to get there.
    You must take the long way as it should be 4 hours max from Boston.

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