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    Quote Originally Posted by AdironRider View Post
    My pops does plowing for the City of Nashua.

    They call him Mr. Magoo for the amount of mailboxes he takes out every year.
    In Maine you learn to hang your mailbox from a chain so the plow doesn't take it out.
    Whatever hits the fan will not be distributed evenly.

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    Never heard of the ban while traveling to Sundown at 6:30 am sat-- maybe the gov declared after I was on road-- learned of it from guy plowing the sundown lot-- so I decided to obey the law and stay put-- good call....

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    You know who really LOVED the storm and driving ban? Some plow truck driver in Mass named DOGG.

    100% NSFW. More F Bombs in two minutes than Jeff Lebowski could muster.

    His youtube page has some pretty weird videos on it.....

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    How did you find that? It's a total unknown. Until now.
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    Re: TRAVEL BAN -- Mass and CT

    My friend chip found it somehow and posted it on Facebook.

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    had to head back to LI from VT on the road around 4ish (the mass/ct ban lifted at 4) figured the roads would be empty which they were, but it was a mess....91 was down to one lane, maybe 2 in spots, mostly driving on hardpack, not much blacktop showing thru, cars abandoned, trucks covered, exits not plowed were spinning out in front of us....thank god for snow tires...we cruised home...


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    Drove up Thursday night...came back Sunday. 91 was narrow in spots, but passable.

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    Banning movement? WOW slippery slope there, no pun intended.

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    "Ill push back the bankins"

    What a dousche!

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    Quote Originally Posted by soposkier View Post
    His youtube page has some pretty weird videos on it.....
    Looks like "Dogg" was fired...

    People are way too bent out of shape sometimes. While posting the video might have been in bad taste, its not like he was doing anything wrong work wise. Everyone hates getting the end of the driveway blocked, but there really is no alternative, same with parked cars on the street.

    I thought this was hilarious...

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