Anybody else holding back this year?


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    Anybody else holding back this year?

    I am usually one of the ones who "pushes" to get out and ski. But this year I have held back and haven't even skied a day yet. I work for one of the 2 major package delivery companies out there, so the Nov/Dec time is tough for me anyway (we are crushed then) and I usually can't make it out until Xmas. But I usually push to get out as soon as 12/25 comes and work slows down.

    But this year, with limited terrain and expensive lift tickets, I just haven't felt the "push" to ski grabbing a hold of me yet. And I'm not a fair weather skier, I've skied ice/rocks/thin and always managed to have some degree of fun. I even skied Bradford/Nashoba as my kids were learning/growing up and didn't complain and made the most out of it. I even have new skis that I bought in March of last year waiting to get used.

    For me, this year seems it may be a tipping point for me on the price. If I had a season pass or was trying to use up vouchers, I'd be out there. But paying even the discounted rates for daily tickets for a group of 4 (or more) is expensive. I'm looking at $500 (or more) for just me and my family (4 ppl) getting out for a day trip (lift tix, food, gas, etc).

    Just haven't been ready to pull the trigger yet. But soon. . . (this weekend).

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    I don't blame you one bit. I would have had a very hard time justifying the day ticket rate so far this season. Lots of people here insist that any day on skis is a great day and that the problem is you if you don't have an absolute blast in lousy conditions. That's hogwash. Ask those same people to sit home on a powder day and you'll quickly see their hypocrisy. Save your money and spend it on days that will be more enjoyable than what has been on offer so far this season. I can think of a lot better things to do with $500 than ski a WROD. Of course my home hill only has one actual trail with snow made on the main mountain, so I'm a little biased.

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    lack motivation based on weather. my lazy side is winning
    shit happens, wear a helmet.

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    I have 9 days so far. Get out there!

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    I live 7mi from a major resort & haven't gotten out yet. What's being offered isn't worth the money in my mind. I'm sticking to Nordic stuff until winter arrives...

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    I've got a 9 month old. I'm a bit more choosy mostly because of him. The weather makes those decisions easier though.

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    Have only tried to get out once so far, and that's only because the tickets were $19pp. If I had a pass I would have been out already, but I'd rather not head out and pay over $50pp to ski a WROD. I might have to change my mind in a few weeks, however...

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    I have 7 days in...but I have a season pass and had vacation days to use up in December. If I didn't have a pass and had to pay per day then I would most likely not have skied yet either.

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    It has been very hard to get the wife out this year. She has only gone twice but I have 9 days. I would never pay what they are charging for what they have offered. Went to Waterville Saturday. I paid 70 for both my son and I together. I would never had paid the 77 they were charging for an adult. Not sure what the kid price was.
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    Should ski areas be more flexible with their pricing if conditions are lousy? Airlines constantly adjust rates based on demand, so why don't ski areas? There isn't much difference between an empty airplane seat and an empty chairlift seat. Liftopia is a start, but it is much more forward looking.

    Killington was packed over the Christmas holiday (due to very limited terrain), so I don't blame them for keeping prices high. But for other resorts, when you see all of the people who stayed home based on price, something seems to be wrong.

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