Mad River & SB Snowfall


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    Question Mad River & SB Snowfall

    Mad River reports 6-10 inches while Sugarbush reports 2-4 this morning.

    Seems like odd but not impossible to have such a huge difference in snowfall on two peaks so close together.

    Anyone down that way today to confirm?

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    No but I hopefully they get lots more snow before next weekend trip .

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    Schweet, now let's hope the storm for next week pans out. Yes, they are virtually right next to each other...sounds like someone is fibbing.

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    SB updated to 5" at the base, 8" mid to summit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HowieT2 View Post
    SB updated to 5" at the base, 8" mid to summit.
    Didn't see that. Thank you. Seems more accurate now.

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