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    Go for the Super Hero, the flat top camber is GREAT for ripping groomers and the rise in the tips is greta for buttering and jibbing. I curently own a 2013 Burton Super Hero 148 and rip all with it! However if you want my ture ride it all board (And many others will disagree) then it would have to be my 146 Burton NUG, I can rip groomers/steeps with the greatest of ease at 50+ MPH and then roll into the park and pop and spin any jump or rail. Granted I ride 70+ days a year and have 20+ years of riding in my boots but its not always true when folks say rocker "Can't" do it...I must be the acception to the rule when it comes with that. Its really all about feeling your edge pressure and using them effectively. Believe it or not but the NUG is also my board of choice for ripping moguls... I'd rock either a NUG or The Hero if your not into the full on rocker. What skill level of rider would you say you are?

    The 2 decks on the far left get the most use now. Left to Right 146 Burton NUG, 148 Burton Super Hero, 152 Burton Roadsoda, 153 Burton Whammy Bar, 155 Burton X8 (RIP STICK)

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    I would say intermediate to advanced. I can pick any line and board It. Am ok in the park on boxes kickers and. Big jumps. Working on big air now. I have Burton but I hear nothing but bad things about Burton lately and I'm not too big of a fan of their boards. I am really leaning towards the Evo 2013

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    out of pure curiosity what are the bad things you have heard? I can vouch for nothing but the opposite as far as board quality and rider services/warrenty issues...they are BAR NONE GREAT! Replaced one of my boards no questions asked and no money outta my pockets, as well as numerous binding pieces (footbeds, trays, straps, ratchets) actually so much so that I can put together a complete second set of spare parts binders LOL They really stand behind their gear and it will laast you for sure. As far as anything else you may have heard let me know and I can try and dispell rumor with fact as I have been a Burton junkie for years now and wouldnt ride anything else (not saying that others are not quality just my own preference). If you were an east coaster near CT we can ride together sometime and you could sample some of my rides to get an idea...? I will say that the NUG is sketchy on BIG jumps though...the biggest I have taken it off is a 30fter...prob wouldnt spin off anything bigger (but would air it out just fine)
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    K-Town, Ski Sundown
    Past Seasons: 2010 84 days, 2011 85 Days, 2012 75 Days, 2013 78 Days, 2014 74 Days


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    I know there are many Burton haters just because they are the most known among non boarders. I have NOTHING against burton I mean that's what I have now. And i love it... For all mountain. Buy I want terrain. All you really have to do is Google Burton reviews. I hear anything from their pricing, the quality of boards. I hear nothing but good about everything else except boards. That's where I am reading sub par reviews. I really like the Evo 3 year warranty and how it handles on ice well but will still tear up the terrain park. I wanted the hero but i have read many reviews about the carving. Nothing bad just preference I guess.

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    I'd agree its all in the rider preference, what I can tell you is I ride the smaller end of the Hero spectrum and have 0 issues with turn initiation, deep carves, and g-turns...its all about weight distribution on your edges to maximize the effective edge the board does have. I hope you find something that suits your style wether its a Burton or not I can say however that I have had 0 construction issues with any board....unless you count last seasons NUG that they replaced under warrenty due to the edge popping out...(but I have to be honest that happened on day 85 for that board around 600+ miles and hundereds of park laps, I think it was all the Propane bonk 360's I was throwing that season, I just mashed the hell out of that particular edge) with that said they replaced it no questions asked and at zero cost to me with a BRAND NEW still in the sleve NUG. If that dosnt stand for exellent service I'm not sure what will, especially since riding rails/boxed is NOT covered in the warrenty, but they were cool about it and filed it under something else. Dont read too much into online reviews as I'm sure you know some people just fill out false reviews to rain the hate. I'd take your advice from other riders you may know or that you have been directed to by others who are "in the know". With that said good luck in your search...if you run into any questions along the way post em up and I'll see what I cna dig up. SHRED HARD
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    Past Seasons: 2010 84 days, 2011 85 Days, 2012 75 Days, 2013 78 Days, 2014 74 Days


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    Now that I know you're mostly a park rat (no offense given in that) I'd listen to planb420. I'm mostly a freeride, big lines, glades kinda guy and I only go in the park when conditions elsewhere are weak. I have nothing against park, mind you, I wish I was better at it, but it's just not my thing.

    I've heard great things about the Nug and other nug-reduction boards. Maybe you should check around and see if there's anywhere you can demo a few boards. In the end, it's all in what you like and you won't really know until you get strap in and give it a shot.

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    Yeah I love exploring the mountain but i always wind up at the park for a majority of the time. Do you have any advice for the Never Summer Evo. I haven't heard anyone argue for or against it and why... I have done slot of research on them but I want experiences....

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    Quote Originally Posted by planb420 View Post

    I guess we know your binding preference too! LOL!

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    I own a hero and 2 nugs. Rode the hero everywhere, also rode the nug for 2 seasons as my go to board. Trust me when I tell you this, you do NOT wanna be on a nug in sheer ice conditions, it sucks! It's great everywhere else but there. I was on the north mtn at loon once and got stuck on a trail that was pure ice, I couldn't stop at all putting all my weight on the heel edge. This was only the 2nd time in 15 plus years of riding that I contemplated taking my board off and finding another way off the ice. The directional nug is a little better, but not much, if you want something to handle everything look for a board with Flying V in the burton line. I love my Sherlock, but I don't do park very much at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by c-rex View Post
    i guess we know your binding preference too! Lol!
    absolutely love em!
    Days on Snow 2015: 6 Days
    K-Town, Ski Sundown
    Past Seasons: 2010 84 days, 2011 85 Days, 2012 75 Days, 2013 78 Days, 2014 74 Days


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