Burton Hero vs ??? Need advice on new board


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    Burton Hero vs ??? Need advice on new board

    I am planning on buying a new board after this season and am unsure of what to get. I currently have a Burton Seven w/ Mission Bindings. I have been looking only at Burton and finally chose the Burton Hero. Now I would like to know the equivalent to a Burton Hero in any other brand. This is the type of board I want but I don't care the brand. The only thing I would like to change with the Hero is the carving. I read that it is difficult to carve and stop. Are there any boards that have all of this?

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    If you want good carving you're going to have to stay away from rocker profiles. The problem with boards that are "good at everything" is that they are not going to be great at anything. What type of riding do you do most? If you're not hitting boxes and rails (a lot) and/or riding powder (a lot) then forget rocker. Those are really the only things those boards do well. If you spend most of your time ripping groomers, jumping, or in technical terrain then a camber board will treat you the best.

    That said, if you still want a good all around board, they do exist, just understand that when you add ability in one area, you're probably taking a little ability away from another area.

    The Jones Mountain Twin has gotten amazing reviews for the past couple years. It has some rocker but also has magne-traction edges to help you hold an edge while carving. A lot of Gnu and Lib Tech boards have it as well. It will slow you down in powder a little, but the added grip on hard packed stuff can't be beat.

    Also, you can always ride different boards on different days. Take your Seven to a good shop and have them do a good overhaul on it. Then use that on the groomer days when you want the carving ability. Then buy a rocker board for pow days or when you want to play in the park. If the Seven is too beat to keep riding it, then check out sites like Dogfunk.com or Trusnow.com for some good deals. With the off season not to far away, they'll be blowing out inventory. You might be able to pick up 2 boards without breaking the bank.

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    Oh, and BTW, if you check out Trusnow.com. Sierra basically buys blank decks from companies like Burton and slaps their own graphics on them. So if you don't care what it looks like, you can get a very nice board for much cheaper than the big names sell them for.

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    I don't know if I can help..
    I don't ride freestyle..

    My favorite non-Burton decks are Never Summer and Arbor right now..
    Both made in the USA and made and designed by big mountain riders...

    Both make stable and solid boards that can take anything that's in front of you... Carve and switch with no problems..

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    I'm selling an Arbor Element 163. It's a very stiff carver. It's probably more board than you are looking for given your description. But just throwing it out there for the heck of it. Just made the decision to sell and haven't even had time to take pics and post.

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    Well I know zilch about snowboards so I can't help there but did want to chime in to say Welcome to AlpineZone!
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    Haha thanks. Thank you for the advice. I ride 70% park 30% all mountain... And the 30% is usually riding my way to the park. I am always looking for nice kickers though when im in glades or wherever. I hardly see POW up here in Maine ...It is pretty hard packed when I go (I am always in school when the storms hit). I guess I'm just looking for avg carving because i like to cruise down to the park and it gets a bit icy. I have been really thinking the Evo 2013 this off season with some Union bindings if it fits the boot right. Still unknown on the boot

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