Date Hiked: April 10, 2004

Trail Hiked: Kinsman Ridge Trail

Total Distance: 4 miles. 2100' of elevation gain.

Difficulty: moderate

Conditions: Full winter conditions at the summit. New snow 2" - 12"+ over ice. The temperature was below freezing all day, so snowshoes were not needed.

Special Required Equipment: 10 point crampons.

Trip Report:
Sky, Ghostdog, and I planned this trip for a few weeks and the weather co-operated perfectly. We left the Cannon Mountain Tramway parking lot with its elevation of 1980' at 8am seeing only 2 cars other than ours. It's spring time in the mountains below about 2500' with a spotting of snow. Higher than this elevation sees snow over solid ice, some one foot plus drifts, cold winds, full winter conditions and the wonderful solitude of this less used trail to the 4100' summit.

We took our time summiting, taking several breaks, enjoying the warm sun and great fellowship. Three other hikers had gone up the middle ski slope and I stopped to talk to them at the top. After having lunch while enjoying the views, it was time to head down. We were surprised to meet 6 other hikers ascending at different places, stopping to spend lots of time trail talking with each of them

Taking pictures of each other and the spectacular Franconia Ridge Mountains to the east, we managed to spend a full five hours to play on Cannon mountain during this hike that usually lasts only three hours round trip. The restaurant at the summit is now closed until the end of May as the ski resort season has ended. No burgers, no skiers, no tourists to see, and no sounds to hear. Sometimes that's a good thing. On this day it was!