summited washington finally


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    summited washington finally

    mar 13 ,last chance i had to summit . good start for my winter 4(k)'s. As you may have read ,I tried on feb. 28 , but the weather was worst this time but i still went ahead ,didn't stop at lions head to contimplate this time !!! There's some good advice dont stop above tree line on washington unless you find a rare spot out of the wind. Also if you dont have a good FULL balacava you WILL get fost bite. Thats with gogles too.Man I suck at spelling so forgive me. people were lookin at me like i was crazy with the gear i had on . but it did the trick .Well iguess here is my gear list laugh if you want.OR windstopper balacava $45 L.L.bean cheap winter jackett zip out polyester lining removed ,came in handy for sittin on on the way down.smith gogles doble lens to prevent fogging.thermal underware top from walmart not cotton $15 .summer ems hiking shirt. remington fleece underware top. extra fleece top in pack never used.two bergalene underware bottoms 1st small 2nd med ,one pair basic polyester summer jogging pants . pair of insulated snow boarding pants in pack "never used".pair of OR gaitors stared out wairing took off and figured i 'd put on when needed never did .pair of wicking socks wool socks & fleece socks .1 pair extra wool socks in pack.Grand traverse II leather boots ,astrian alpine stap on crampons. charlet moser ice axe.Silk glove liners fleece thinsulate gloves,OR over mitts.extra fleece gloves in pack ,had to use cause i hate over mitts ,lol.My gregory whitney pack was loaded with more gear for the "just in case" factor pocket rocket stove & fuel ,isulatet food container ,food i pland to eat "crab salad sandwich" hard boiled eggs -2 ,power bar. food for "just in case" factor 2 oatmeal packets ,2 raemen noodle packets.Misc. first aid kit ,compass -you'll need it for white outs "believe ME !!!!!! " thermometer ,topo map ,wool sweater ,oh and dont forget the 7 lbs of water ,I had none left when i got down !!! next time I'll bring 9. allthough I did drink most on the way down -save everything for you guessed it !!! the "just in case "factor ! lol. I had a good time ,regrets - my cheap jacket hood peeled right off my head no matter what i did.Time to invest in a good shell jacket .Joggoing pants didn't stand up well in 85MPH winds -shell pants too !! I could go on about all the little things we all know bout in my pack ,flashlight ect. but I PLAN on GOIN HIKIN AGAIN SOON !! LOL .hike safe please ALL !!! goood day .

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    Great report! You missed it by one day...we went up the next day and it was 10-15 mph breeze on the summit, 26 degrees and unlimited visibility! I waited all winter to finally get a nice clear day on Washington.
    "Never take no cut-offs, and hurry along as fast as you can." Virginia Reed, Donner party survivor

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    Oh man !!

    I know I was so mad I had to work that day,lol .Glad you had a good time though . Way to go !!!

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